GOP Candidate Ed Marshall Tells Iowa & NH Voters "It's Not Too Late"

Ed Marshall, who entered the GOP race for President just 2 weeks ago, is telling Iowa republicans and New Hampshire republicans and independents that "it's not too late" to get behind his candidacy. His plans to increase the exemption from personal federal income tax to $50,000, and to end the Iraq War more quickly by using a media campaign in Arabic urging all Iraqis to mimic the Al Anbar success story, are "two of my most important stands", says Marshall.

Sherman Oaks, CA, December 07, 2007 --( Ed Marshall was a late entry to the GOP campaign for the presidential nomination. He won't accept campaign contributions, saying "the campaign should be about who can do the best job for America, not who can spend the most of other people's money."

Marshall's qualifications include exceptional family values: One marriage of 44 years to Linda, and he runs a profitable, debt-free family business with his wife and all three adult children. He is also an MD who served in the Air Force in the Vietnam era.

His campaign website at lists six reasons why he opposes the death penalty. Already 13 states no longer have it, Marshall points out. Marshall emphasized one of those reasons today, "Murderers flea states that have the death penalty, go to countries that won't extradite them for trial because of the death penalty, and so hundreds of these murderers have in fact gotten away with murder." Marshall favors life without possibility of parole. He says, "I don't think anyone planning a murder will tell themselves, "I'm sure glad there's no death penalty; I really look forward to spending the rest of my life in prison'."

Marshall clearly lists stands on illegal immigration, war and peace, marriage and government, health care, education and lots more on his campaign website.

What does Ed Marshall want Iowa republicans and New Hampshire GOP and independent voters to do to help his candidacy? After all, he will not accept money for his campaign. "I hope everyone who approves of my background and my stands will tell everyone they know about my candidacy and ask them to do the same. I ask you Iowa republicans to attend your caucus and nominate and speak for me. I ask New Hampshire voters to write in 'Ed Marshall' on their republican primary ballots."

"This will be a grass-roots e-campaign all the way, based on good sense and the desire for good results for America," Marshall says.

Ed Marshall for President
Ed Marshall