GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall to Announce Candidacy at First Press Conference on Saturday December 15 in Los Angeles

Ed Marshall will hold his first press conference announcing his GOP candidacy for president, on Saturday, December 15, at 2PM, at Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park in Los Angeles at the northwest corner of Hazeltine Avenue and Huston Street. Marshall's late entry, unusual candidacy (e.g., will not accept campaign contributions), and interesting and unique stands on issues, will be discussed.

Sherman Oaks, CA, December 08, 2007 --( Ed Marshall, of Los Angeles, an MD and head of his successful family-run home staging business, began an e-campaign in the second half of November, and is now ready to "appear live" as a candidate for the GOP nomination for President.

His first Press Conference is scheduled for Saturday, December 15, at 2PM, at the northwest corner of Hazeltine Avenue and Huston Street, which is in Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park in Los Angeles.

Marshall, who will not accept campaign contributions or tax dollars as matching funds, or even tax-paid salary dollars if elected, will discuss his interesting, often unique, stands on issues important to most Americans. These stands are spelled out quite clearly on Marshall's campaign website at

Regarding the economy as it hits home to most Americans, Ed Marshall favors making the first $50,000 of personal income exempt from federal income tax, and he wants the exemption to be increased by $12,500 each year. Marshall says there is no government program or combination of expensive bureaucratic programs that can benefit hard-working Americans, struggling to make ends meet and to get ahead, as much as this tax exemption will.

Marshall favors a media campaign in Iraq, in Arabic, including the government, TV, radio, the internet and leaflets, urging all Iraqis to do what the Al Anbar local tribal leaders and other Iraqis have done, namely, neutralize the foreign Al Qaeda and other insurgents, mainly foreigners. Al Anbar has become much more peaceful, and the same can happen throughout Iraq, greatly shortening the time that American troops will be needed, saving billions in war expenses, and, of course, cutting way down on bloodshed.

Ed Marshall favors life imprisonment without possibility of parole over the death penalty, wants government out of the marriage control and licensing business, has a workable plan regarding illegal immigration, and has unique solutions to health care and education issues.

"Americans deserve a President capable of solving problems, balancing the budget, and keeping the country secure while striving for peaceful solutions in the world", says Marshall. "I look forward to my first Press Conference on Saturday, December 15th, so that the American people can learn about me and make up their own minds about their choice for President."

Ed Marshall for President
Ed Marshall