Chasing BBQ: 22 BBQ Stops in West/Central Texas in Just 1 Week

Chasing BBQ: 22 BBQ Stops in West/Central Texas in Just 1 Week
Denver, CO, August 29, 2015 --( Savory Spice Shop, the leader in fresh-ground spices and handcrafted seasonings, recently sent its Founder and CEO Mike Johnston on a cross country road trip around the United States ‘chasing’ the best BBQ in the nation.

“Even though I’ve just begun this journey to explore barbecue across the country, what I’m learning early on is that Texas barbecue, and hopefully barbecue in general, is about the people just as much as the cue,” said Mike Johnston, Savory Spice Shop founder. “If the people I’ve met and the barbecue I’ve eaten along the way are any indication of what’s to come, then I’m in store for a lot of full stomachs and many new friends.”

Through Mike’s journey of ‘Chasing BBQ’, he is aiming to visit 76 BBQ joints in 38 days. At this point in his adventure, Mike has visited 22 different BBQ stops as he has traveled through West and Central Texas in his first week. So far Mike has been able to visit Texas BBQ stops in towns including Pecos, San Antonio, San Marco, Lockhart, Luling, Austin, Taylor, Lexington, and Elgin, TX, and this is only in the first week. Mike drew his inspiration from a similar feat completed by Johnny Fugitt, who visited 365 BBQ restaurants in one year.

“At this point I’ve traveled over 1,500 miles in my quest to ‘chase’ the best barbecue in the country and I’m just getting started. With more barbecue to try throughout East Texas, Memphis, Alabama, North and South Carolina, as well as Kansas City, I’m excited to continue the hunt. Let’s hope I don’t put on too much weight from all this delicious barbecue!”

Follow Mike’s Chasing BBQ Road Trip on the Savory Spice Shop Facebook page or with the hashtag “#ChasingBBQ” as he describes (and eats) all the BBQ he encounters along the way. Anybody who can find his Chasing BBQ truck or camper along the journey and posts a photo to Savory Spice Shop’s Facebook page, will get a $10 Savory Spice gift certificate. If you find Mike himself and say hello, Savory Spice Shop will double your gift certificate amount.

Savory Spice Shop is a spice shop for every type of cook. From the griller to the gourmet chef, visitors will be offered a variety of options for creating an array of flavorful dishes. Savory takes great pride in offering high quality and hard-to-find items at prices that average lower than most grocery stores.

Founded in 2004, Savory Spice Shop is a collection of locally owned and operated community spice shops located across the country. Offering over 500 freshly ground herbs and spices, and over 175 handcrafted seasonings, Savory Spice Shop is a "Cook’s Paradise", catering to both experienced and aspiring cooks alike. The shops are over-flowing with rich, wonderful aromas of exotic spices from around the world as they are ground and blended weekly to ensure superior quality and freshness. Customers are encouraged to sample the extensive selection of spices and have the ability to customize the amount of spice needed for their recipes, starting at as little as a half ounce.

For more information regarding Savory Spice Shop and Mike Johnston’s Chasing BBQ adventure, please contact Chris Billings or Samuel Garrett at 303-297-1833

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