Jill Divine

Bears In The Forest Are Discovered To Be Aliens, in a New Book by Jill Divine

Read how with trust and belief you can achieve anything, even escaping and triumphing over aliens.

Baltimore, MA, February 04, 2006 --(PR.com)-- How do you convince the town that the bears in the forest are in fact aliens, and that when you sing they die, but only for thirty minutes when they return to life?

These are the problems Janey Marling must overcome when spiritual aliens who need human auras to survive, land in the forest near her home in America, and the town foolishly ignore her. The truth is soon discovered when children are kidnapped by the ‘bears’ and the town set out to rescue them. They soon discover that brute force or bullets can’t harm the ‘bears’, and the horror begins as they struggle to find a way to rid of them.

Jill Divine’s second enjoyable book, The Bears (first in a series of five), is a science fiction novel with romance and humor. It tells the story of spiritual aliens who need human auras to survive and come to Earth to kidnap humans for their auras, but when they disguise themselves as bears they unwittingly take on their aggressive behaviour. It shows how with trust and belief you can achieve anything. Even escaping and triumphing over aliens!

I really enjoyed reading “The Bears,” It is a good mix, light hearted, with romance, and then almost the reverse with the introduction of the Bears. A bit like human nature – the best and the worst. A very good read that makes you think. Carol Green, Clairvoyant, Medium, as seen and heard on television and radio.

Humorous, romantic, action paced are just a few words to describe “The Bears.” Jill combines her knowledge of the Auric field and the Chakra system with science fiction. Definitely a gripping read. Tracey-Jane Rees A.I.H.A.F., I.I.H.H.T, C.H.S.V.H, V.F.S.C.H Tutor

“The Bears” combines, horror, romance, comedy and intrigue, and will be enjoyed by all readers over the age of 16, whether science fiction fans or not. (Age restriction - contains some ‘intimate scenes’).
ISBN: 1-4241-0307-X
Published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore.

It can be ordered at PublishAmerica (http://www.PublishAmerica.com), call 1-303-695-1707, and wholesales: Ingram; Baker and Taylor, Brodart Co, (1-800-233-8467), Barnes and Noble; and Gardners.
Retail price is U.S.$19.95 CDN$29.49 and £12.50 U.K.

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