New Novel, "Final Countdown," Inspired by a True Story, Set to Reveal Love Murder and Mayhem

A new novel, "Final Countdown," inspired by a true story and set to become an original motion picture, will be adapted from a screenplay by producer Jason Rosette in collaboration with crime, suspense, and paranormal writer William Grabowski.

Los Angeles, CA, September 16, 2015 --( Camerado Media, producer of movie titles including 'Lost in New Mexico', the award winning feature documentary 'BookWars', and the supernatural Vietnam War themed historical drama 'Freedom Deal', has announced a green light on the adaptation of the original screenplay and story by filmmaker Jason Rosette.

A newly launched crowdfunding campaign is underway to support the collaboration of noted supernatural, crime, and humor novelist William Grabowski. Pre-release eBook versions of the novel and other special perks will be given to contributors, as seen at

The story, a comedy set in the contemporary Southwestern USA, revolves around two hapless travelling salesmen who run afoul of the law when their counterfeit products go haywire – unleashing unwitting murder and mayhem along the way. As one finds romance and true love, the other descends into a hallucinogenic and surreal world of mental mazes and madness, as he becomes convinced that he must prepare for the first ever manned mission to Mars.

"It's offbeat, edgy, and it's the first novel about the 'New Normal' in America as far as the way we plan to tell it. The story may be a bit of a leap for some readers - though it's basically PG-rated," says creator Jason Rosette. "Even so, we wanted to dramatize the story of these two well meaning, hard luck travelling salesmen in a funny and comedic way that coincides with what a lot of Americans are experiencing these days."

Grabowski, a seasoned writer with paranormal, romance, and supernatural writing experience has been tapped to novelize the story based on his expansive range and experience with challenging mainstream material.

While the current novel is being adapted from the WGA-registered screenplay, the story will also ultimately be told on the big and small screen as well.

"This is a visual story, but the novel will allow us to bring to light a lot more of the characters' internal dimensions than we can put into a movie," says Rosette. "It's possible that an episodic TV version will enable us to do the same, but that's a step further down the road."

More information can be found on the story page on IndieGogo at

'Final Countdown' will be published episodically worldwide, with contributors to the crowdfunding campaign gaining early access to episodes of the novel as they are released. Contact Camerado Media at with Inquiries.
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