Paralign - Where No Thoughts Are Left Behind

Paralign is a free and anonymous mobile platform that helps people find hope, support and acknowledgment for everyday thoughts. As you journal your thoughts, Paralign connects you to similar thoughts, giving you hope that you are not alone.

Paralign - Where No Thoughts Are Left Behind
San Francisco, CA, September 17, 2015 --( Nothing has boggled the minds of scientists more than the phenomena of thought. What is a thought and where does it come from? How can we control our thoughts and what impact does it have on our realities? All of this aside, many would agree that thoughts are a normal part of life. All of our greatest achievements started as nothing more than ideas compressed into exciting visuals that motivated us to take action. Unfortunately, the majority of people feel that thoughts are simply out of their control and do not have an effective method to manage their thought process. It’s not uncommon for individuals to pay attention to all of the wrong thoughts resulting in depression, anxiety and an overall state of despair. It is these times that make us feel alone and without hope.

The developer of Paralign, Pouria Mojabi, understands the severity of these conditions and how thoughts play a major role in health outcomes. At one point in his life, thoughts were consuming his entire being. It was affecting him, his career and the ones he loved most. His lack of mental awareness constantly led to outbursts of anger followed by feelings of guilt and remorse. His attitude pushed him to the point of no return. Mojabi felt alone and unsupported. At the brink of losing it all, Mojabi started to practice self-growth techniques such as meditation and journaling. During deep meditative states and entry reflections, he became more aware of thoughts that no longer served him and attempted to change his thinking for the better. With the powers of pure will and consistent application, Mojabi started to “tailor” his thought process. He no longer suffered from depression of any kind by perfecting mental management.

This inspired Mojabi to develop his own digital application that could assist others in better managing their thoughts. It is often too inconvenient to journal through means of paper notebooks. By creating a free app that is simple and expedient, users could record their thoughts at the tap of a touch screen. Having a network of users from around the world also reminds people that they are not alone and shouldn’t have to deal with situations by themselves. According to Mojabi, “When I was suffering, I had zero support, zero resources and therapy was too expensive. I felt alone. I felt like I was the only one going through this.” Mojabi wanted to make sure that people would never have to endure a similar state of consciousness. Interacting with people that are facing similar circumstances empowers them to overcome such challenges. Every entry that is recorded gets automatically matched with other thoughts similar to their own. This level of support produces a gateway of awareness and encouragement. Paralign came into existence as an easier way to organize mental clutter and remind people that they are never alone. Thousands of individuals have downloaded the app and use it for these reasons. Mojabi and his team are proud to be part of the communications revolution by integrating a convenient tool for personal development.
Pouria Mojabi