Matt Stamm, of the Rideaways, Releases Solo Album

Where Do We Go is the debut EP by solo artist Matt Stamm, who is also very well known as being the piano player for the Rideaways.

New York, NY, December 16, 2007 --( While The Rideaways are full of joyous enthusiasm and piano ballads, Where Do We Go is a serious look at life. Stamm's piano & voice are a perfectly blended theatrical set of songs with Cold Play-style melancholia and sadly spoken hooks on this debut release by Sunset. The Brooklyn solo artist released the title on his own before the artist representative, Aimee Berger caught the ear of the head of Sunset Records (SRG) at the last AES show in New York city. Even though Where Do We Go has a darker feel, the first two singles released by the label are immediately accessible songs with an obvious dose of atmospheric keyboard. Stamm offers some of the same tuneful melodies of The Rideaways with his strong and unique melodic vocals featuring beautifully written perfectly balanced choruses on piano ballads like "Everybody Falls" and the catchy, gently lilting "Where Do We Go." With more tracks like "Where Do We Go”, the first single that is now being worked to radio stations all over the world, Stamm's pop lyrics will tug at your heart while sending an uplifting message to people that have been in love.

Explains Matt Stamm, "In the songs I write, they are not about the world gone wrong; they are more about my slices of life. They are about my personal feeling of confusion about love." This EP title is also very nicely orchestrated with a great backing band. Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Records says that “after listening to one verse of the song “Where Do We Go,” I noticed the great production along with the great melodies in the song.” Lichterman goes on to say that “Matt's vocals are also amazing which you can hear in the first verse on “Where Do We Go.”

Matt Stamm, having experienced a major recording contract with The Rideaways and the demands that come with a major recording deal, was very careful in his decision to release this EP along with a future full length CD to be released with Lichterman’s SRG. “I love this signing” says Lichterman and “the response to his music is overwhelming which was exactly why I rushed to get the EP into stores this year.” Where Do We Go is now being sold at major retail outlets like Target and Amazon and the downloads, streams and ringtones are being featured this month at Verizon Wireless, Napster, REAL/Rhapsody and all ringtones, streams and downloads are being sold at retail.

The first single "Where Do We Go" is definitely the most likeable song Matt Stamm has ever done to date and it is perfectly built for radio airplay. The atmospheric style of "Everybody Knows" answers questions that that explain we are all not alone in life. The entire EP is filled with piano-based love songs, reminiscent of many of the top singer songwriters that have what is an ode to love.

Where Do We Go gives fans the type of ballads that the artist is known for in the Brooklyn and New York city area, but it also brings global attention and the rest of the world is starting to take quick notice of Matt’s music. Stamm was able to showcase his music last month at the NACA Northeast Convention. Matt was also tapped to represent Sunset at a live show promoted by NYC Gigs for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

“We have already had 15 radio requests from stations all over the world,” says Don Lichterman “and we have Matt featured at American Idol’s Underground next month. Matt Stamm fans will be very happy with the Where Do We Go CD and the catchy lyrics of his songs will capture some new fans,” says Lichterman about his latest signing at SRG.

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