Travel Guide Breaks New Ground in Qatar

Doha, Qatar, December 16, 2007 --( In a small desert country a new online travel guide,, is making waves.

In contrast to the most other online travel guides, where just a few pages of bare facts are provided about a country, Qatar Visitor provides hundreds of pages of advice, articles, images and sounds about Qatar.

“The key lies in using on the spot writers and photographers with years of living in Qatar behind them,” explained editor Philip Beech.

“Major international companies, which rely on their website to sell their guide books, just can’t provide the depth of information and insight on a free website.

“And most major travel guides can not afford to pay enough attention to a country as small as Qatar. This leads to sparse and updated websites, or to articles written by travelers who have spent just a couple of days in the country.”

With sections on travel, culture, shopping, history and nature, as well as guides to every city in Qatar, the Qatar Visitor Guide is anything but sparse. It is also illustrated throughout with vivid photography of Qatar – as well as sounds ranging from the Muslim prayer call to the sounds of the animal market.

“The Qatar Visitor website has one aim,” concluded Philip. “To be the best and most comprehensive online travel guide to Qatar.”

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