New Product - ApexSQL Plan 2017 Released

ApexSQL Plan 2017, a free SQL query analysis and optimization tool, has been released.

New Product - ApexSQL Plan 2017 Released
Chapel Hill, NC, June 09, 2017 --( ApexSQL, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and major provider of Microsoft SQL Server solutions, announced the new product release - ApexSQL Plan 2017.

About ApexSQL Plan: ApexSQL Plan is a free SQL query analysis and optimization tool. It identifies performance issues and deadlocks, analyzes SQL Server query issues and query execution plans, and helps to understand query performance characteristics.

For more information, please visit the ApexSQL Plan product page.

ApexSQL Plan 2017 includes the following features:

· Analyze and optimize SQL query execution plans
· Identify query performance issues and deadlocks
· Analyze wait statistics
· Review query execution plans
· Understand query performance characteristics
· Customize graphical query execution plan view
· See the actual relative cost of each query execution plan operator
· Analyze query live performance statistics
· Compare estimated and actual query execution plans
· Compare history of different query versions
· Review missing index details
· Troubleshoot complex deadlocks
· Focus on a specific metric
· Compare compiled and runtime parameters
· Trace the source of SQL statements
· Support for SQL Server 2005 and higher
· Support for SQL Server Management Studio 2012 integration and higher
· GUI themes

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