A Rapturous Read: Outskirts Author’s New Novel Takes Readers to Earth’s Last Days

Los Angeles, CA, December 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The latest entry into the blockbuster field of Christian apocalyptic fiction is Outskirts Press author Ralph D. Nybakken’s new Damien The Man, Son of Perdition, which provides one of the most chillingly imagined futures yet in the realm of this burgeoning genre.

In this fast-paced religious thriller, available in print or e-book form on its Web site, www.outskirtspress.com/damientheman, Nybakken paints a near-term scenario that draws heavily upon contemporary issues—from the Arab-Israeli conflict to fossil fuel-driven politics to the European Union’s ever-increasing power aggregation—and posits and endgame that feels remarkably convincing.

It all starts off benign enough, with what was supposed to be the unveiling of mankind’s “greatest stride toward a better tomorrow”: a massive, all-knowing computer network designed to eliminate crime as well as food shortages. It’s the pride and joy of Dr. Michael Abbott Nelson, trusted confidante of the European Union’s Secretary General, Damien. But when Michael’s best friends—and millions of other Christian believers—suddenly disappear shortly after the system’s introduction, it turns out to be the beginning of an alarming string of catastrophes that appears headed toward a third world war.

Now, Michael and his wife, Tracy, are on the hunt for answers: Is it true, the rumors that the Christians have been taken by their God? Just where are Damien’s machinations leading? Can his thirst for power be satisfied? And is there anything evil won’t stop at when it comes to quashing a nascent movement of born-again Christians?

Like a chess game played out on a global stage, Damien The Man shows how world events, technology, politics and economics are marching toward a singularly important new era. Find out why readers are saying Nybakken’s new novel can only be called fiction because the events depicted in it have not taken place—yet.

ISBN: 978-1-4327-0259-5 Format: 5x8 Pages: 356 SRP: $19.95 Genre: Mystery

About the Author: Ralph D. Nybakken is a former high school and college teacher, who has taught creative writing, among other subjects. He is married with three children and five grandchildren. Nybakken lives in Weldon, CA.

Author Contact: Visit him on the Web at www.outskirtspress.com/damientheman


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