Record Breaking Freestanding Card Tower Built by Kardtects

Kardtects builds over a 26 foot high freestanding card tower and breaks previous record.

Record Breaking Freestanding Card Tower Built by Kardtects
Wilkes Barre, PA, November 30, 2015 --( The record for a freestanding card tower, built by using playing cards, was 25 feet 9 inches (Guinness book records). Jenny Kile of Kardtects, using their new and exclusive building cards, says she broke that record height by building a 26 foot 10 inch freestanding card tower. It was an impressive structure standing center court at the Lycoming Mall in Williamsport, Pa. (image shown)

It is true playing cards and Kardtects Building Cards are not fully the same; but that is just what Kile wanted to prove.

As the founder of Kardtects, Kile’s mission was to show that her company’s cards are easier and faster to build with, and that anyone can build with them. The record tower built from playing cards is said to have taken over 60 to 80 hours to build. Almost a whole entire week. Kile says her tower took only around 11 hours to build; less than a day, and she says she will build even higher in the months to come.

Kardtects Building Cards offers the incredible activity of card building to all. Their totally original cards are not as slippery as and slightly larger than playing cards. This makes them faster and easier to build with, says Kile. And one of the most awesome characteristics about Kardtects cards is they have artistic prints applied to them. When a child builds a ‘house of cards’ it can look like a Medieval castle, Egyptian pyramid, jungle hut, ancient temple, or more.

Kids are mastering the fun of building card houses with Kardtects. Kile says they are an exciting new product, and the company is considering going on Shark Tank.

But that is not all Kardtects offers within each of their different building sets (currently available the Grisroc Castle, Forbidden Jungle, Lost Desert sets). Included in a box of Kardtects Building Cards are Destroyer Disks to knock down the card structures. These circular card-board like disks provide fun from beginning to end. This inspires a child to build again, for the fun never stops.

The record breaking card house begins with just two cards. She says there are only 3 main steps to master; the steps are Stand, Lean, and Overhang.

A Kardtect (card architect) begins building a card house by Standing the first card. This can be done by leaning the second card against it, or, for beginners, a card stand can be used to help with this first step.

The second step is Lean. Cards are leaned against the corners to create a square. All corners of the cards lean against another.

The final step is Overhang and this creates the roof and secures the base square nicely. Overhang roof cards so cards rest on opposite tops of the base square cards. An inner square is left open in the center. This can left open when building another level or covered up if it is the final level.

That’s it.

From this square, Kardtects can build wider or higher. They simply repeat these steps. Doing so allows extraordinary card houses to be created. (and then destroyed)

Kile says she began her record breaking card tower at around 8:30 in the morning, and finished a little after 7 that evening. She started with her first two cards and quickly built higher and higher. Before using a Scissor Lift in order to reach the height needed to build, she stood on ladders. From a ladder she built the tower to about 14 feet tall. At this height, then, the scissor lift was brought in.

The base of the tower takes the longest to build. The first 14 feet of the tower took around 8 hours to build. The last 13 feet of the card structure took around 3 hours.

And what goes up, must come down.

But not without some fun.

A nasty card wreaking monster appeared and entertained onlookers with his crashing through the towering cards, knocking them all down within less than one minute.

Watch Video Posted on YouTube on Kardtects. It’s awesome.

Kardtects mission is to let kids know they can build amazing card houses.

Kile says, kardtects makes it easier to do and those who follow the 3 simple steps of Stand, Lean, Overhang, catch on quickly. They realize building a card house is not nearly as difficult as first imagined.

Kardtects is excited to see and share all the wonderful and truly extraordinary card houses built by the many new ‘Card Architects’/Kardtects taking up this rewarding activity.

One of their slogans is 'Master the Fun today.'
Jenny Kile