Back Pain Therapy Clinic Burrard Physiotherapy Begins Campaign to Highlight Concussion Myths

Vancouver, Canada, January 02, 2016 --( Vancouver, BC-based Burrard Physiotherapy has recently announced a new campaign to highlight myths on the subject of concussions. There are many pervasive myths that may lead concussion patients to take the wrong course of action in treating their medical issue. And now the back pain therapy experts at Burrard Physiotherapy are uncovering the most common myths as well as explaining the benefits of diagnostic processes such as computerized neurocognitive testing.

Most people believe they require an MRI to determine if they’ve suffered a concussion. This is one of most common myths concerning concussion treatment. MRIs will not show damage to the brain suffered as a result of a concussion. Many people also believe that all concussion treatment is the same regardless of the original cause. This is simply untrue. Concussions can vary greatly from person-to-person and each individual requires unique diagnostics as well as a unique treatment regimen to completely resolve the issue. The experts at Burrard Physiotherapy are leaders within this medical area.

Their team employs the latest computerized neurocognitive testing systems within their diagnostic work. Their imPACT test will evaluate the patient’s mobility, neurological function and activity, and motion tolerance and determine the need for further treatment such as therapy for back pain or other injuries. Their on-site physiotherapist will also take a detailed history for each patient and provide patients with advice on exercises and activity restrictions they should use as part of their recovery process. It’s a full concussion treatment service designed to ensure patients receive guidance from trusted specialists within the physiotherapy field.

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Kerry Maxwell