Openbridge Delivers DoubleClick Search Data

Openbridge, a data logistics platform, announces DoubleClick Search integration that enables marketing and media professionals with the data to drive search campaign performance.

Openbridge Delivers DoubleClick Search Data
Boston, MA, January 07, 2016 --( Openbridge has launched a new product that enables DoubleClick users with direct access to their paid search data. This new integration between the Openbridge data logistics platform and DoubleClick creates a broader understanding of marketers’ overall advertising performance.

Openbridge has designed this product to remove technical barriers that have prevented access to search program and campaign data. “Like our integration with DoubleClick Campaign Manager, our new DoubleClick Search product will provide access to search data simply and efficiently,” said Thomas Spicer, CEO and Founder for Openbridge. "By providing direct, simple access to paid search data we are removing technical barriers to increase efficiency and help teams go faster."

This integration enables marketers and media professionals the ability to consolidate search data over numerous campaigns and customers; thus, gaining incredible efficiency and scale.

“By unwrapping the potential of search data, our DoubleClick Search product helps brands and agencies easily leverage paid media data to discover insights with tools like Tableau, Qlik or Excel," said Thomas Spicer. “Our goal is to develop an easier path for teams to use data and drive exceptional marketing performance.”

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About Openbridge
Openbridge is a data logistics platform designed to collect, discover and act upon real-time data simply, quickly and smartly. The Openbridge platform allows you to connect to reveal data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram as well as web analytics tools (e.g., Omniture, Google), media platforms (e.g., DoubleClick DFA, DoubleClick Search, AdWords), and in-store activity (i.e., point-of-sale, loyalty activity, etc.). To learn more information go to

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