Banner Ups New Banner Hangers Save the Environment and Money

Business owners are thinking and saving green with banner hangers from Banner Ups. Instead of tossing damaged signs in the trash, these products are the quick, cost effective, and a more environmentally conscious decision. Banner hangers are small, extremely strong and flexible enough to meet a wide array of business needs. Best of all, these astounding products help reduce the staggering 250 to 400 million tons of garbage Americans produce every year.

Wellington, OH, January 14, 2016 --( While standard temporary signage can run anywhere between $20 up to $100, larger and more heavy-duty banners can easily cost businesses over $500. Even though most of these products are relatively sturdy, the one area susceptible to damage is the grommet. Once the grommet is damaged, the sign is useless and will be quickly tossed into the garbage to end up in a landfill.

The innovative banner hangers from Banner Ups are designed to rejuvenate any damaged signs or banners. These dynamic Power Tabs are made of high-strength composite film and can withstand up to 98 MPH winds. Banner Ups' banner hangers are stronger than any other product on the market and are available in either white or crystal clear, which makes them undetectable. As an added bonus, Banner Ups help reduce the amount of waste stored in landfills.

The Banner Ups Power Tabs are extremely easy to install and require no additional equipment. It features a simple peel and stick process, which allows business owners to have their damaged signs and banners back up and running in less than three minutes. In today's tough economic environment, business owners are finding innovative ways to save costs, and banner hangers from Banner Ups is a great way to save money and the environment.

About Banner Ups

Founded by E.L. Hatton Sales Co., Banner Ups provide a vast selection of products designed to save businesses and consumers money, while keeping damaged sings out of landfills. Banner Ups offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional banner creation methods, like welding, sewing, and the cheaply made plastic grommet. The products at Banner Ups are designed to offer a level of durability and convenience absent in competing products.

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