The Lutheran Christ Connection Supports a Different Type of Church Growth

Church Growth is a hot topic today and TLCC has some hot recommendations.

Albuquerque, NM, December 25, 2007 --( There is a new Lutheran paradigm on the global scene. While most Lutheran Churches are immersing themselves in modern Church Growth principles and becoming more secular, one person is doing the opposite. They are not hungry for your money, have no synodical political wrangling or nepotism, no programs, no contemporary worship or entertainment, nothing but a focus on Christ and pleased about it.

Do not expect the typical coffee, donuts, potlucks or ladies aid. This is about encouraging others to be totally focused on the treasures of Christ’s love and holiness. It is about encouraging historical, orthodox, Confessional Lutheranism, instead of being ecumenical, superficial or following any kind of business model. It is about meaningful meditation, worship, prayer and Bible study, as a replacement for entertainment or social programs. It is about the healing and strengthening of the soul, through the restorative power of the grace of Christ. The Lutheran Christ Connection (TLCC) was created by Mark Ochsankehl, a Lutheran Pastor of twenty years. He says, “There are fewer present-day churches that are Christo-centric than there were even 50 years ago. The existing historic drift is steadily moving towards mass marketing to the lowest common theological denominator. TLCC believes there is a better way, based on solid, historical, theological truths that transcend contemporary viewpoints.”

Based in Albuquerque, NM the TLCC takes a close look at modern trends within Christendom, aims to avoid all the modern colloquiums, steer clear of all the trite, trendy programs, and offer another answer, another solution, a different focus that is so completely successful that no one can deny the victorious results. It is all about total victory and triumph in the ministry. More information and various articles can be found on their website at The chief publication, entitled, “Paradigm Shift,” is a close examination of the modern Church Growth movement, observing and reporting what effects modern trends are having on the Christian church of today.

The Lutheran Christ Connection
Mark D. Ochsankehl