CoinReverse Platform is Now Paying 15% More for Bitcoins to Their Customers

New York, NY, January 22, 2016 --( The cryptocurrency trader ( based in New York is taking a bold strategy within the current Bitcoin market conditions. While the price of Bitcoin is slowly but continuously going down, CoinReverse is still purchasing Bitcoin for even higher amounts than those they were offering within the previous months.

Many may be wondering what stands behind this company's appetite for Bitcoin. At the heart of CoinReverse there is a handful of people who have financial and economic backgrounds and are confident they know what they are doing. The company's representatives declared to have purchased over 15000 BTC so far and target the acquirement of another 5000 by the end of February 2016.

While investments are in excess of USD 5 Mil already, the company is going out on the market for more, offering even higher rates for Bitcoin purchase. These weeks the offers stand for 15% above Blockchain's official rate.

"We're aiming high achievements with this company and so it is our business strategy. At this stage, our main focus is purchasing as much Bitcoin as we can. We are on a budget but haven't reached its bottom yet. We cannot go public with our future business plan at the moment because it is easy to have competitors steal our ideas and we don't want that to happen. People may be asking what do we have in mind and many have been wondering if this business makes any sense, as we're buying expensive Bitcoin, but we have a strategy behind all this and we are confident we'll surprise the market in a very good way soon. We're planning on a business that will bring even more value to the cryptocurrency market," declared Tom Juno, founder and CEO of CoinReverse.

About Coin Reverse Inc.

Coin Reverse Inc. is a cryptocurrency trading company based in New York, USA, founded and developed by few bold investment professionals who have seen the business opportunity outside the traditional capital markets and have targeted cryptocurrency trade in terms of medium and long-term investments strategy.

Business is operated in an effective manner, with a user-friendly platform and easy contact means through the company's website and via e-mail, with 24/7 assistance through a Live Chat Section offered. Payments for the trade are free of any charges on the customer's side, while the company covers all costs involved.

Coin Reverse Inc. can be reached at, where dedicated assistance is available 24/7 within the live chat section of the company's website.

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Coin Reverse Inc.
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