America Green Launching in New Markets

Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2016 --( America Green is looking for local partnerships in Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and California.

America Green is launching a Partnership Program for local business owners. The goal of America Green is to be able to help homeowners and business owners understand the process and full benefits of going solar as well as explain the outstanding investment opportunity.

America Green Ambassadors will be working with local businesses to actively involve everyone in pursuing a green environment. Brand Ambassadors will be available at your local stores to readily answer any questions regarding green energy and solar energy. They will be able to give an accurate estimate and qualify a homeowner and/or business owner on the spot. By having access to more homeowners and business owners, America Green intends to not only reach out to interested consumers but also intends to grow its grassroots teams locally.

America Green is currently in New York, Southern CA, North Jersey, Nevada, Colorado Arizona, Texas and Connecticut. America Green is excited to expand and paint America Green.
America Green Solar
Des Guinto