Systancia Continues Growing and Bets on Innovation to Accelerate Development

Sausheim, France, January 29, 2016 --( As a specialist in the virtualisation of applications and desktops and an expert in remote access security, Systancia has shown yet again double-digit growth in 2015. Where other competitors have suffered, the software vendor has been able to innovate by offering service adapted to current expectations of the market. The company is betting on this success to accelerate its deployment internationally and develop its portfolio of solutions.

Growth driven by innovation
With 4 million euros in revenue and with good profitability, Systancia has reached double-digit growth for the third year in a row. Progressing 20% from the previous business year, this result is the proof of Systancia’s strategic focus point founded in 2013, aiming to make constant innovations its priority. The software vendor offers cutting-edge solutions in terms of application access times and mobility as an element of productivity, giving it an competitive advantage that meets the expectations of the market. With 45 employees, a quarter of whom are assigned to research and development, Systancia works in the private and public sectors, especially in the fields of health and local communities.

Systancia stood out in 2015 by launching the new version of its virtualisation software, AppliDis. Unveiled in May at the annual keynote event held by the software vendor, AppliDis Fusion 5 is the first solution on the market to integrate Machine Learning technologies and the predictiveness possible with Big Data. Another feature sets the software apart: AppliDis BoxOnAir, which helps you “transport” apps from your smartphone, send them to another device (TV, tablet or PC) and work as if the application is installed there.

The software vendor has also made a name for itself in the field of cyber-security with its remote access security solution that can be deployed in only a few minutes. IPdiva Secure is thus set to be the first French security offer to guarantee security that is reinforced, tracked and audited for remote access to IT systems, without the constraints of opening a port. Faced with big players in the field, Systancia offers an alternative that is appreciated and proven in the sector of computer security.

In security just as with the virtualisation of applications and desktops, Systancia stands out because of the quality and innovation of its solutions. The company distinguished itself in October at the Innovation IT awards given by the CRiP (Club of Infrastructure and Production Managers). The 300 IT Directors and Infrastructure Managers elected AppliDis Fusion 5 as the most innovative solution in the Mobility category. IPdiva Secure also enjoyed real recognition by international experts in the field as it was selected as the 3rd best security solution in 2015.

2016 is a year of acceleration
In 2016, Systancia is striving to surpass the threshold of 5 million euros in business revenue. To reach this goal, the software vendor is recruiting a dozen employees and is developing into new international markets.

“2016 is looking to be a major year for Systancia, especially internationally, with acceleration of our development relying on strengthening our teams. We are betting on constant innovation to let us confirm our position as a major player in IT system development and transformation,” indicates Christophe Corne, the President of the Board and founder of Systancia.

Far from stopping after launching, Systancia is continuing its development into a pioneering player on the market. Its goals are to set itself apart from the competition and affirm itself on a market dominated by American giants. This procedure is encouraged by the success of its latest software innovations and the positive feedback from the sector opinion leaders, especially from English-speaking countries. In these countries, the software vendor has also recently signed a partnership with a distributor in the United Kingdom, with which it will now carry out the first sales in early 2016. Another ambition for Systancia in 2016 is to prove the quality of its technical support, which is widely popular with its clients thanks to quality standards.

Next May, Systancia will take another look at its strategy and will reveal its latest innovations at its annual keynote event. Featuring live demonstrations, the event will be also be marked by the presentation of new versions of its flagship solutions, AppliDis and IPdiva. The event will also be an opportunity for the software vendor to discuss its vision of the market of virtualisation. This is a promising future for Systancia, which is counting on continuing making innovation its driving force for growth.
Valérie Gigou
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