GOP Presidential Candidate Ed Marshall Files as "Write-in" for California Primary

Californian Ed Marshall, a medical doctor and head of his successful family home staging business based in Los Angeles, has filed with California's Secretary of State to be an official write-in candidate in the GOP Presidential primary February 5. "It's not about me winning; it's not about me spending your money on my campaign; it's about the best ideas and leadership for the good of our country and all of its people," Marshall said in making the announcement.

Sherman Oaks, CA, December 29, 2007 --( In order to have write-in votes counted in California, the candidate must file with the Secretary of State in Sacramento. Ed Marshall, a maverick candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, who didn't enter the race until mid-November, has announced that he has filed to have his write-in votes counted in the California primary on Super Tuesday - February 5th.

With little organization and a campaign budget under $3,000, Marshall is counting on a mainly e-campaign based around his website at, and on his YouTube and MySpace campaigns. "I'm not accepting campaign donations. I'm available for interviews and public appearances to tell about my stands so that people can get to know me and what's in it for them and our country by voting for me," says Marshall. "My campaign is not about me winning, or about me spending your money on my campaign. It's about backing the best ideas and leadership for the good of our country and all of its people."

Marshall favors making the first $50,000 of personal income exempt from federal income taxes, and wants that exemption increased by $12,500 each year. "This tax exemption will provide the best possible help to millions of Americans working hard to make ends meet and to get ahead," says Marshall. "It will increase the spending power of all Americans, which will also help the economy as a whole."

In Iraq, Marshall wants to see a media campaign, in Arabic, telling all Iraqis that they can accomplish what the tribal leaders in Al Anbar Province have done: They have ousted and neutralized the foreign Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorists and convinced local insurgents to oppose the foreigners. The result is a tremendous decrease in violence and casualties that Marshall says would spread throughout Iraq, bringing the conflict to a much quicker successful result with fewer casualties and much lower cost. "This will result in us bringing the majority of our troops home much faster, and with the knowledge that we're leaving behind a much more peaceful and democratic Iraq", Marshall concludes. "A TV, radio, internet and leaflet campaign with the help of the Iraqi government is a lot better than a continuing long, costly and bloody conflict."

Marshall's campaign can be reached at "All it takes to vote for me is to write-in 'Ed Marshall'. It's the best way to show support for these and my other stands," says Marshall.

Ed Marshall for President
Ed Marshall