Midbrook, Inc. Announces Partnership with Italian Leader in Solvent Cleaning

Midbrook, the minority owned provider of aqueous cleaning systems, is now the exclusive North American distributor and service agent for Firbimatic’s hermetically sealed solvent cleaning systems. Through this distributorship, Midbrook Inc. now provides a choice when water based systems do not provide the level of cleanliness necessary for parts cleaning.

Jackson, MI, December 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- If a company stamps, machines, grinds, assembles, or in some other way manufactures production parts and cannot get the parts clean with alkaline soap and hot water, there is finally an alternative that is safe, effective, economical and still more "green" than one would ever expect.

The Italian company Firbimatic is the leader in hermetically (air-tight) sealed solvent cleaning systems used extensively in Europe and Asia to clean parts with perchlorethlyne. These units completely remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from the treated pieces by identifying the cleaning cycle most suitable for the type of component and pollutant.

These Firbimatic sealed systems are totally compliant with the standards protecting operators and safeguarding the environment. They are able to successfully treat both metal and non-metal surfaces including those with especially complex shapes, featuring blind holes, or hard-to-access cavities, right up to the microstructure of components made of sintered material.

All the Firbimatic systems are designed to offer an inexpensive, rational, and simple solution to industrial component cleaning requirements. These machines provide the very best solutions for automatic and semi-automatic basket loading and unloading, for the automatic detection of the type of component contained in the baskets, and subsequent customization of cleaning programs.

Advantages of a solvent cleaning are extensive. For example, low surface tension means solvent cleaning liquid can enter and exit complex geometric parts features such as fine threads and blind holes flushing out contamination up to six times more effectively than water.

In addition, solvents like perchlorethlyne accommodate a wide range of contaminants whereas aqueous detergents are usually “soil specific” and a variety of chemicals may be required to be effective in many manufacturing processes.

Through a continuous, soil laden solvent distillation treatment process, the Firbimatic unit sold by Midbrook assures both clean solvent and pure vapour are available for each cycle, therefore maintaining consistent results by providing separate distillation within the sealed drum.

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