Midbrook, Inc. Will Build 12 New Washers for a Domestic Automobile Manufacturer with Plants in Mexico

Midbrook, Inc., of Jackson, Michigan, announced that it has been awarded a contract to build 12 new washers for a domestic based automotive company. These cleaning systems will be used as part of a new 6-speed transmission program. The equipment will be installed in a transmission plant located in Mexico.

Jackson, MI, December 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Midbrook is the minority owned, world leading provider of process specific, high volume aqueous part cleaning systems, sealed solvent cleaning system, water bottling equipment, and medical cart washing equipment.

The domestic automotive company chose Midbrook because of its capabilities of building and installing proven systems with proven technologies.

The parts washers being manufactured by Midbrook are required for five manufacturing areas. The areas are identified as follows:

Pinion gears – green
Pinion gears – hard
Sun gears – green
Sun gears – hard
Internal (ring) gears – green

Midbrook will provide the design of the system to perform the cleaning process, build a machine to that design, debug all program related issues, runoff the equipment to the customer’s satisfaction as well as provide integration support, on-site start-up and training of operating personnel.

These washers are designed to be small, single pass, side stream washers. These washers will be connected to a central filtration system that will maintain the clarity, temperature, flow, and pressure of the wash solution. The plant’s central system will supply wash solution directly to the filter. The design flow rate will be 60 GPM maximum and 40 PSI minimum at the spray nozzles. The wash solution to be used is 3-5” concentration of Ferrocote 624 AAM. These washers are not required to have the capability of self-contained (stand-alone) operation.

The conveyor drive was designed for continuous flow through operation. For each specific part type, the washer is capable of washing all part numbers being manufactured with either no or minimal change-over adjustments required.

In regards to cleaning equipment, Midbrook does offer standard, in stock part washers, however their reputation has been built upon their ability to assess their client’s production process and develop an integrated cleaning process designed to meet specific cleanliness levels within the floor space available.

The same can be said of the CapSnap water bottling equipment and Medical cart washers. Although standard systems are available, Midbrook’s niche is to evaluate the client’s individual application needs and design a system that will achieve the goals sought.

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