New Startup Arms Shale Royalty Owners Against Unscrupulous Mineral Buyers as Oil & Gas Prices Remain Depressed

ShaleCast, a first-of-its-kind technology platform, provides royalty income forecasts for mineral owners.

New Startup Arms Shale Royalty Owners Against Unscrupulous Mineral Buyers as Oil & Gas Prices Remain Depressed
Chicago, IL, April 07, 2016 --( Since the start of the shale boom in the United States, landowners have asked themselves the question, “What is the shale revolution worth to me?” An answer to this essential question has been out of reach for the typical landowner - not anymore. With the start of the new year launched a simple-to-use website that forecasts the income and production potential for each well on a royalty owner’s property. For the first time ever, mineral owners get free access to the kinds of data and forecasts only available to the operators who produce their minerals.

“We set out to revolutionize the mineral owner experience for the millions of royalty owners generated by the shale boom,” said Benjamin Hall, Co-founder and CEO of ShaleCast. Hall added, “Imagine having an asset two miles under your feet that’s probably worth more than the house you’re living in, but you have no idea how to value it, much less get a fair price if you want to sell it. That’s the predicament facing mineral owners all over America.”

Behind each well forecast, lies a massive database and algorithm that crunches all the historical production figures from each of the wells to produce royalty forecasts. According to Co-founder and CEO Mauck, “Our proprietary algorithm uses all this data as the backbone to model the future behavior of well output in specific geographic regions. We then couple this with daily updates from the futures market and information we collect from each mineral owner to localize the results.”

ShaleCast forecasts are intended to be a rough approximation of future royalties for the next 15 years. In testing, ShaleCast forecasts have proven to be highly accurate, especially when 15 months or more of production history is available for a well. The accuracy improves automatically with each new production figure received for a well.

“Our research indicates that the landowners need to understand the value of their royalties for financial planning, estate, and pricing considerations,” said Co-founder Keith Mauck. “Prior to ShaleCast, landowners have been almost entirely dependent upon the word of mineral buyers in understanding the value of their minerals. Now they have options. In addition we have users actually discovering unclaimed wells & income they didn’t know was theirs; royalty owners that have simply fallen through the cracks,” added Mauck.

About ShaleCast
ShaleCast is a joint venture of social media network American Energy Communications, which publishes sites,,, and ALL Consulting, a leading energy and environmental consulting group based in Tulsa, OK. This passionate group of mineral owners, petroleum engineers and technologists is transforming mineral rights ownership by empowering owners with well analysis, online tools, and information that helps mineral owners make better decisions.
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