Entrex Launches Crowdfunding for Its TIGRcubs for Entrepreneurs in Florida and Texas

Accredited Investors Can Now Benefit from Yield Previously Only Provided to Institutional Investors.

Entrex Launches Crowdfunding for Its TIGRcubs for Entrepreneurs in Florida and Texas
Boca Raton, FL, May 03, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Entrex announced today it is launching a series of corporate revenue-enhanced debt securities, called TIGRcubs, across its crowdfunding partners.

“The success of Entrex’s Overstock.com TIGRcub Offering, which was traded on a primary and secondary basis with institutional and accredited investors, challenged us to scale the deployment for other entrepreneurial, cash-flowing and profitable companies in a similar manner,” said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of Entrex.

“Yield is certainly the buzzword with investors today. TIGRcubs (Top-line Income Generation Rights Certificates) offer a corporate, inflation hedged, revenue or Top-line enhanced, yield security which we’ve offered to Institutions – now we can offer across the regulated crowdfunding markets – offering the TIGRcub Security benefits to more than just the institutional investors we traditionally serve.”

“We are also adding a product beyond these individual corporate issuers; In Florida and Texas we are assembling ‘baskets’ of TIGRcubs – something akin to a mutual fund – but imagine a diversified group of yield. Investors get a blended interest rate but also benefit by owning an additional 'Slice of the Top-line,' or revenue, to enhance returns as Revenues grow,” Watkins continued.

Companies can determine how much capital they could be eligible for via the TIGRcub InstaCub Calculator which, with only three financial components, can compute a potential investment in seconds: http://www.entrex.net/InstaCub.php

Entrex was founded as an Entrepreneurial Exchange with the mission to create a capital market system for the $5-250 million (annual revenue), profitable and cash flowing, entrepreneurial companies nationwide. Entrex serves these companies and investors through the patented revenue-enhanced debt security called a TIGRcub.

Additional Info: Contact info for Mr. Stephen H. Watkins, CEO Entrex: Email: SWatkins@Entrex.net or call directly at: (561) 465-7580

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