Catdi Printing Offers Targeted Mail Services for Local Houston Dentists Looking to Expand Marketing Reach

Catdi Printing Offers Targeted Mail Services for Local Houston Dentists Looking to Expand Marketing Reach
Houston, TX, May 17, 2016 --( Catdi Printing, a full-service commercial printer and direct mail marketing company based in Houston, Texas with a focus on small to mid-sized businesses, this week announced they are promoting an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service with all dentist practices in and around Houston. Designed to equip dentist’s offices with greater consumer targeting capabilities and widespread marketing tools, EDDM is easy to use, inexpensive, and without mounting processing fees.

“The Every Door Direct Mail program allows small businesses, such as local dentist offices, to target customers at affordable rates. No longer is direct mail marketing affordable to just larger companies," said Catdi Printing CEO Carlos deSantos. “All participating dentists need to do is provide a target area and we’ll develop an effective marketing system that expedites the customer acquisition process.”

The EDDM program draws from Catdi Printing’s micro-targeting techniques and effective strategies for increased consumer interaction. Interested dentists offices just have to analyze and choose a target area or areas and report it back to Catdi Printing. With that information, through zip code targeting, Catdi Printing will distribute large postcards at the participating dentist office’s discretion.

Their new, streamlined approach to consumer interaction removes the need for convoluted list creation and tracking. Postage is currently only .18 per card, and there are no processing fees included in the process.

“We’re on a mission to return marketing back to its simplistic, effective roots,” said deSantos. “From just simply reaching out to prospective customers via mail, we are able to personally interact with the clientele by informing them of what dentist office options are available to them. Instead of waiting for consumers to look for the information, we provide it for them.”

Catdi Printing is a trusted Houston Printing partner with the USPS and is fully experienced to handle all EDDM marketing needs, regardless of the business venture size.

Born from a passion for providing large-scale marketing services to small-scale businesses for a fraction of the price, Catdi Printing offers a wide range of printing, design and marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses. Their aim is to make these innovate techniques usually unobtainable to small businesses, more affordable and effective in their business outreach operation.

“Dentist are a growing segment in our business, and we tend to leverage all tools at our disposal to provide efficient, affordable marketing services,” said deSantos. “Spread the word on our targeting marketing techniques today, and check out our platform services.”

Catdi Printing is located at 1121 Delano Street, Houston, Texas 77003.

For more information, or to peruse their EDDM and alternative marketing and printing services, visit: or by phone 713 882 4629.
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