The Center for Nonviolent Communication is Overjoyed to Present the Lee Lab for Life-Enriching Education USA - Albuquerque, NM July 24- 29, 2016

This Applied NVC Lab is designed for explorers and pioneers in Life-Enriching Education - school teachers, administrators, counselors, educators in youth programs, Nonviolent Communication trainers (certified trainers and certification candidates) - who share the intent to explore and apply the vision of Life Enriching Education.

Albuquerque, NM, May 17, 2016 --( As a participant, you will join a dynamic team of experienced CNVC Certified trainers and educators dedicated to cultivating the field of Life-Enriching Education. They will share best practices, and through a powerful visioning process, Trainers will help participants create or clarify a vision with a plan of action for your own life-enriching education project.

The Lab will focus on the key features of life-enriching learning communities, described in Marshall Rosenberg's book Life-Enriching Education.

The Life-Enriching Education Lab is uniquely designed to offer educators both a structured and an open learning environment. Come immerse yourself for six days in co-creating our life-enriching learning community.

Students, teachers and parents co-create safe, respectful learning environments.

Students, teachers and parents work together to meet everyone's learning needs.

Students know their passions and are motivated by their eagerness to learn rather than by fear of punishment or promise of reward.

Students, teachers, and parents practice a process language, such as Nonviolent Communication, to help people effectively address their own needs while also caring for the needs of others and the community as a whole.
Center for Nonviolent Communication
Jeanette Richard