Diet Doc’s Medical Weight Loss Programs Helps People of All Ages, Shapes and Sizes Burn Fat Fast

Diet Doc has designed the country’s leading diet plans that enable people of all sizes, shapes and ages, and from any part of the country, to safely and comfortably burn fat fast.

Jersey City, NJ, May 30, 2016 --( The human body is composed of several forms of fat and the body actually needs fat for survival. The secret to staying healthy and lean, however, is to understand the fats and how much is really needed. One kind of fat, visceral fat, is the most difficult to lose and the most dangerous to have. It quietly accumulates in the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks, and makes its physical appearance in the form of love handles, beer belly and thunder thighs.

Because many people consume more calories and fat than needed for their energy needs, the excess lies dormant, hiding itself deeply within the cells of the hard to reach areas while also dangerously surrounding the internal organs, increasing the risk for a wealth of health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

It is a fact that gaining weight is much easier than losing and that even those who may have never had a weight control problem can find themselves struggling to lose excess fat as they get older. As the body ages, activity levels typically decrease. The body needs fewer calories to function and the metabolism slows. Fat is burned at a much slower rate. Dieting by cutting calorie consumption may result in the loss of a few pounds, but never really reaches the dormant fat that has nestled itself inside the body and is incredibly resistant to dieting. This is why Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs are so effective. Their diet plans are scientifically designed to reach the problem areas and to burn fat by seeking it out and flushing it from the system.

Many people try diet after diet. They search for advertisements that promise weight loss miracles. They waste time and money and usually end up discouraged, disappointed and frustrated. Many even gain more weight and simply resign themselves to sharing their life with excess fat. Fad diets offer little more than generic meal plans, many with strenuous exercise regimens that may result in the loss of a few pounds, but again, the body becomes accustomed to the diet plan and weight loss tapers. And, while most people begin a diet with the best intentions, they quickly become bored with the limited menu and are confused about which foods to choose to keep pounds melting from the body, while also leaving them full and satisfied without loss of energy.

Fortunately, Diet Doc has developed their diet plans that are motivating, satisfying and effective. Their staff of doctors, nurses and nutritionists understand how and why the body responds to foods and dieting methods and they know how to make the body burn fat. They design their diet plans to keep the fat burning gates open for safe, healthy, comfortable and fast fat burn. Their diet plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient and are created to be compatible with age, activity level, nutritional requirements and almost any medical condition. They include foods that are rich in essential nutrients and lean proteins to keep the body operating optimally. They incorporate their pure, prescription, U.S. manufactured diet products that are designed to burn fat four times faster than other diet plans, while eliminating hunger, cravings and fatigue. Their easy to understand, easy to follow weight loss solution has helped people across the country look and feel better than ever before. In fact, a recent in-house survey revealed that 97% of their patients were losing 20 or more pounds per month from the hard to reach areas.

Potential dieters are encouraged to visit the Diet Doc official website or may call 888-934-4451 to complete a health questionnaire and schedule a personal online consultation with a Diet Doc doctor during which medical history will be reviewed, past weight loss attempts will be discussed and the entire system will be assessed to uncover cellular toxicity, improperly functioning organs and internal imbalances that may be preventing weight loss and causing weight gain.

Diet Doc’s staff of doctors, nurses and nutritionists supervise and monitor each patient’s progress and are available on an unlimited basis for questions, concerns, suggestions and support. Scheduled weekly checkup calls enable the doctor to monitor progress and quickly recognize weight loss plateaus enabling them to modify the diet plan and reset the metabolism to quickly return the body to fast fat burn mode. This close personal support and attention cannot be duplicated by the competition and has resulted in people from every part of the country turning to Diet Doc for their weight loss needs.

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