ANSSI Certification, Scale-Out Architecture, Desktops, Systancia Unveils Its Innovations

Sausheim, France, May 31, 2016 --( Almost exactly one year since Systancia launched AppliDis Fusion 5, its application and desktop virtualization solution, the French software vendor announces its news across its entire product offering: CSPN certification by ANSSI and news about its IPdiva suite, a new scale-out architecture capable of supporting 100,000 users with sustained performance for AppliDis, and a thin client/software suite for an even faster access to applications. A focus on these innovations, presented on May 26 to 300 clients and partners gathered on the occasion of the annual Systancia keynote.

Ransomware, ANSSI Certification, Product Development: the IPdiva Line Progresses on All Fronts

Systancia's security suite, IPdiva, focuses on two solutions: IPdiva Care, which permits traceability enforcement thanks to video recording of the actions performed by third parties accessing IT infrastructure remotely; and IPdiva Secure, which permits the securing of data flows and applications and company IT system protection and access control.

At the end of this May, Systancia is announcing the achievement of first level security certification (CSPN) for IPdiva Secure 8 by ANSSI (French authority for cyberdefence and network and information security), thus distinguishing itself from most of the products available on the market. Based on an innovative communications platform (VPN SSL with distributed topology), IPdiva Secure guarantees selective "on demand" access to internal company resources in all locations, and for all types of systems. IPdiva Secure distinguishes itself by providing security for mobile terminals and authentication via OTP for applications in the secure cloud.

On the IPdiva Care side, Systancia R&D team developed functionalities that are unique on the market for version 3 which was presented. Passive until now, IT system surveillance becomes active with real time reporting of incidents and attempts on IS security. Thanks to an intense research and analysis capacity, the Systancia search engine identifies an incident in real time and reports it as an alert, giving the IT team precious time to intervene. This new version will be available in the last trimester.

Finally, combining the functionality of IPdiva and AppliDis, IPdiva Protect was introduced as the first solution capable of completely eradicating the threat of ransomware transmitted by e-mail with a system opening the attachment in a quarantine area in the cloud which has not network connection. This eliminates the effects of ransomware on the company network, from which it is cut off. IPdiva Protect will be available in the third trimester.

AppliDis pushes the boundaries of the biggest application obstacles in the market

Launched in 2015, AppliDis Fusion 5, which caused a stir because of its AppliDis BoxOnAir functionality by means of which a smartphone becomes a means to convey its applications, is entering a new phase. Beginning at the end of the year, it will offer a microservices-based scale-out architecture capable of handling up to 100,000 users without loss of performance. Agile and constantly seeking innovations, Systancia has leapfrogged the market leaders, breaking down the last barriers it faces.

AppliDis Secure Cloud Terminal, Instant Application Access

Predicting that the personal PC is destined to disappear in the world of enterprise and that progress is possible in terms of user comfort, Systancia has developed new approaches combining thin clients with virtualization products, an association that has been named Secure Cloud Terminal. Combining elements of thin clients, these functionalities permit both a considerable reduction of power up time and the reduction of application opening time to just a few seconds, as well as the ability to log in from one's smartphone without authentication.

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