Don Lichterman to Release a Full Length CD with All Proceeds Going to the ALDF (Animal League Defense Fund)

Don Lichterman to Release a full length CD entitled Songs for Freedom with All Proceeds Going to the ALDF (Animal League Defense Fund) though his SSM (Sunset Special Markets) record label and his nonprofit organization, SAN (Sustainable Action Network) on June 7th.

Cherry Hill, NJ, June 08, 2016 --( A CD featuring unparalleled performances all relating to animal welfare and that are against animal cruelty have been assembled which span generations of legendary music artists, coupled with being aligned with up and coming new artists, is set to be released this week on June 7th. What makes this 20 song CD special is that it is dedicated to Animal Welfare and all proceeds from sales of this CD will directly help change laws relating to animal cruelty in the United States where wildlife and animals are in desperate need of help. All revenues from all sales of this full length album that also features two bonus tracks will go directly to the ALDF. No expenses relating to the manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotion, press and media work will need to be recouped as all expenses will be donated as well by the label.

“The album and its participants are focused on the animal cruelty issues we face in America and the goal is to deal with it from the root which is by law," says the label head, Don Lichterman. "I honestly wish I could do more to help animals in distress that are used for human entertainment and that are abused, and that is why I decided to use my resources and my basis that I have set up in place at my company and notably, in my music group.” The only ulterior motive is to help promote some up and coming artists from around the world like Vicky Kiely whom is a Cove Monitor for Ric O’ Barry’s The Dolphin Project along with some other great talent like Shanel, Gaia's Eye that also has an amazing new song specifically made for this album featuring Azucena Azul and Simon Dabbicco.

The 20 song CD also features songs by some current Sunset Recording artists like Richtaste, Han Drabur, Respect, Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir, Federal Moguls (DJ Q Ball’s (Bloodhound Gang) side project) and Mister Sir while it licensed in tracks by established and legendary acts that are notably against animal cruelty by artists such as The Smiths, Vegan Boss, Gina Thompson and Bob Marley. The album is rounded off by some remixes by the likes of Boy George, Amos, Gavin Friday and DJ X vs. Sonic Solution which contributes a remix of the classic Supertramp hit song "The Logical Song [DJ Self Remix]."

The label head who is a passionate supporter for animal welfare fights for it every day by writing articles and weekly reports at his Google+ and at Blogger that boasts to having millions of reads and views since last January. (Don) Lichterman is known to be very much against the Dolphin Hunting season which is allowed for a half year off the coast of Taji, Japan, and has fought to stop the use of all animals and all wildlife for the purpose of human entertainment. "I make no bones about saying how us humans have shifted from enslaving other humans like we did for centuries all over the world, to enslaving animals and wildlife," says (Don) Lichterman. “Think about it please because we take these beings from their own natural environment. We have the audacity to sell them off before bringing them over to America and to places all over the world now, and we put them to work for free while we feed them and while we allow them to live in a small area on the property they get housed. Even though that is abuse in itself, in many cases if not all cases, they get neglected and even abused while these private companies and public entities make bank money from it.”

All revenues from every CD/Digital Download and stream that is created will be paid out directly to the ALDF. “The reason that I approached the head of the ALDF about it is because I wanted to change things by law,” (Don) Lichterman says about this very special project.

Activists for animal welfare, people against animal cruelty and fans of any of these bands are able to buy this CD at all major retail outlets in the world. Anyone that wishes to get involved with making changes with laws on behalf of animal rights should go directly to the ALDF web site to follow the progress of all campaigns that are being worked by them, to check out the successes the lawyers at the organization are making every day and if anyone wants to contribute to help carry out passing these laws on behalf of animals and wildlife.

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