Former Presidential Candidate De La Fuente Enters US Senate Race

Tallahassee, FL, June 21, 2016 --( Former Democratic Presidential Candidate “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente filed his official papers to run in the Florida Democratic Primary for the United States Senate seat that was recently abandoned by Marco Rubio. De La Fuente, a resident of Orlando, was the first candidate to officially file with Florida’s Division of Elections.

De La Fuente became somewhat of a historic figure during the Democratic Presidential Primary. State Party rules are designed to heavily favor the party’s nationally elite candidates and to make it nearly impossible for new talent to enter the presidential race. In fact, Florida, which unilaterally determines its presidential ballot very early in the race, did not include De La Fuente on its ballot. However, by the time delegate-rich California determined its qualifying candidates, De La Fuente had made such an impact that he was automatically placed on the ballot by California’s Secretary of State.

According to his website, De La Fuente qualified in an astonishing 46 states and territories. Along the way, he became the first candidate to ever overcome the petition signature requirements of states like Michigan, Massachusetts and North Carolina, just to name a few. He promises to bring that same determination to the U.S. Senate on behalf of Florida.

“I do not understand Rubio’s willingness to quit the Senate any more than I understand any candidate who would fail to finish his or her term to run for a different office,” said De La Fuente. “I come from the business world in which my word is my bond. If I make a commitment, I fulfill it. There is no other option,” he continued.

De La Fuente is, in fact, an extremely successful businessman. He has created thousands of jobs across the United States and throughout Central and South America. Fluent in English and Spanish, De La Fuente was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for his work as an International Corporate Ambassador.

A long-time owner of multiple properties in West Palm Beach, De La Fuente intends to use his skill to bring high paying jobs to Florida. He also has a background in biofuels and is a strong supporter of protecting Florida’s environment and coastal waters.

De La Fuente thinks he has the right mixture of experience and integrity to represent Florida in the U.S. Senate.

“Florida is a complex state with wonderful advantages but special challenges as well,” said De La Fuente. “I have a unique level of experience with respect to job generation and understanding economic issues,” he continued. “I also understand the importance of programs like Social Security and Medicare to our seniors as well as the need to provide an education to our young adults without suffocating them with college debt. We need to solve these issues rather than just debate them, and I am the only candidate with the experience to do that.”

De La Fuente attended the AFL-CIO COPE Endorsing Conference and the Blue Gala in recent weeks as he began to transition from the Democratic Presidential race. He will be running against Pamela Keith, Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson for U.S. Senate in the Democratic Primary.


“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. He has an amazing record of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. From being licensed by the FAA to fly single engine planes at the age of 20 to owning 28 automobile dealerships and becoming Chairman of the National Dealers Council for the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world by the age of 28, Rocky is in a league by himself. He also created a banking network in 1982 to help address an economic crisis in Mexico and established impressive real estate holdings throughout the United States while generating thousands of new jobs along the way. Rocky holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and exudes a passion for his country and for those who seek the opportunity to fulfill their version of the American Dream.

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