"Mercy to be Officially Released on August 2nd

The Full Length Album with a bonus Track "Mercy" to be officially released on August 2nd with Sunset Recordings.

Cherry Hill, NJ, July 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Vicki comes from a musical family, where singing and playing instruments was very much a part of her upbringing. From an Irish family; but born and raised in Canada; her culture was nurtured in her by her father's love of singing and playing guitar to her from birth. Rebel songs to Rolling Stones to The Beatles were all on the usual set list.

Vicki had voice coaching and was part of her school choir from the get go. She picked up a guitar when she was 13. This was the start of her passion. Playing at school, and writing songs even back then. Her biggest regret is not concentrating as devotedly to perfecting her guitarmanship as she did her vocal skills.

She studied Drama and Theatre in College, but eventually realised her talent was in fact with her voice, and with her song writing. She formed a band with some friends and started gigging in different venues around Dublin at the age of 23. At 25, she joined a band with 4 of her guy friends, and they called themselves “The 42s” (a fun high energy punk band with a sense of humour).

After this band split Vicki pursued a solo singer songwriter path for a while before moving to Hong Kong in 2006.

In Hong Kong, Vicki started her own performing arts school called “Fusion Academy.” She started playing gigs again, and writing more songs, with the aim for an acoustic album. Her style is singer songwriter stuff that is rocky, edgy, and has a little flash of folk thrown in for soul!

Parallel to this singer songwriter work, Vicki is an animal rights activist, and a Cove Monitor for The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project. She goes to Taiji, Japan, to document and share with the rest of the world, the slaughter and capture of 1000s of dolphins every year. She trains new Cove Monitors there, and also runs a very special program for children who want to speak out for and protect dolphins. These kids come to Japan with Vicki under the Mini Cove Monitor Program and they learn how to monitor the cove, just like the adults do. Their voices ring the loudest and her work with the kids and Dolphin Project has become a major part of her life; so much so that she is writing her debut album for Dolphin Project and majority of the proceeds will go this organization that she is so deeply involved with, and believes so passionately in. Please find out more at their web site.

She created a Facebook page and a hashtag Peace to the Big Blue. This allows her to share her passion for the ocean, and all its creatures with her followers and friends alike. She will start to make tee shirts, bags, and jewelry for this future brand of hers, with proceeds also going to Dolphin Project. The shop will be available on this website, and other online stores to, like Ecojoia and Dolphin Project.

Vicki also works with animal rights in Thailand and Asia, setting the stage for a hopeful captivity free Asia one day. She works closely with an elephant camp in Khao Sok, giving them alternative ideas to the “Ride on Elephants” or “Elephant Trekking” tours, promoting more animal welfare friendly options, such as “Walking with the Elephants”, “Feed the Elephants” and “Shower the Elephants”. These are more up close and personal encounters with these amazing animals, and allow the elephants to be free of the horrendous seats they have to wear for trekking, and is a far more informative and educational way to experience these majestic beasts.

Vicki has now completed her debut album simply titled “Vicki Kiely” and recorded in Phuket with Gary Crause, at legend Studios.

The brand new 11 song CD is being released as follows:
1 Mercy
2 Enticement
3 Changing Tides
4 Choices
5 Plastic
6 Wild and Free
7 Mr. Player
8 Charlie Brown
9 Bangkok Princess
10 The Massacre at the Cove
11 Cats Oasis (Bonus Track)

The song “Mercy” has been worked via the ‘Songs For Freedom’ release to radio, retailers and to any outlet that plays music and videos. Therefore, the label has decided to release “Charlie Brown” as the next single with it accompanied by the beautiful “Enticement” track along with “Changing Tides” and then the brand new bonus track entitled “Cat’s Oasis.”

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