RevenueMantra Announces First Ever Ad Technology Support for CPC-Based Private Marketplaces

Bringing tools traditionally only available to performance-based demand side platforms directly to publishers, RevenueMantra is finally leveling the playing field and opening up a lucrative new market for both media buyers and sellers.

Belle Mead, NJ, July 19, 2016 --( Opening the door to a multi-billion dollar market for media sales organizations and launching ahead of the Q4 retail push for advertisers, RevenueMantra today announced the launch of its PMP for CPC platform. Combining multiple ad technology systems into a single, simple, and easy to use interface, this is the first ever platform built for to allow publishers to transact directly with performance-minded advertisers and have those campaigns compete with both direct and indirect revenue streams.

Bringing data management, dynamic creative, and algorithmic optimization to bear on every campaign, RevenueMantra believes they have created the key to unlock the door to hundreds of millions of dollars in cost-per- click advertising from premium advertisers.

CEO Sam Swaminathan believes this is a game changing technology, "Folks like Google and Facebook have built mutli-billion dollar ad platforms by providing bottom of the funnel ad campaigns – retail, consumer packaged goods, regional & local auto, travel, and even pharma - to match the right offer to the right person. The sell side of our industry has always been served with ad technology tools that focus on workflow and delivery. The buy side has always built tools focused around performance. We've combined these two ideas into a single, SaaS-model platform that works with existing sell-side ad technology to offer publishers the opportunity to let CPC campaigns compete with, or even beat, CPM campaigns."

RevenueMantra’s PMP deploys directly into existing ad serving solutions & tag management systems, reducing friction and unifying reporting. It leverages three disparate core technology platforms, all residing behind an intuitive, white labeled UI, which combine to give media sales organizations the tools needed to create successful click-based campaigns. By combining a dynamic creative engine with a robust DMP, and then tapping into an advanced ad serving platform which leverages existing ad servers & programmatic channels, media sales organizations are able to tap into the same tools used by most major performance marketing engines without having to master the art of campaign optimization.

Publishers can offer CPC campaigns to existing advertisers looking to dynamically match product & offers across a wide range of product lines & SKUs. RevenueMantra's platform pulls in products or offers via multiple methodologies, dynamically assembles creatives and audience segments, and generates ad tags that work inside all major ad servers to ensure that publishers are still able to leverage their full ad stack.

Ram Dantuluri, CTO, believes media sales organizations no longer need to shy away from performance-based ad campaigns, "There is some simple math behind this platform. First and foremost, we live by the equation that CPC x CTR = CPM. If a publisher or media sales organization can deliver .25% CTR for an advertiser at a $2 CPC, then you've got a campaign that operates at an eCPM of $5. That will compete or beat most indirect media buys, and it opens up a multi-billion dollar performance market that has previously been unable to tap into tier one publisher inventory. Current ad servers will prioritize campaigns by price and delivery, but if a campaign is priced on a CPC, current ad servers won't optimize it properly.

"This is all about creating more efficient ad marketplaces via liquidity and technology. That means there is now a solution for beating Q4 budgets by tapping into performance budgets, and for buffering seasonal headwinds by allowing CPC campaigns to bolster RPMs."
Sam Swaminathan