New Digital I/O Controller: Variable Width Pulse Command and Over-Current Protection on All Outputs

Intelligent-Appliance, a leading company in smart Industrial Data Acquisition and Control announced a new 48-ch Digital I/O Controller (IA-3125-U2i) with Variable width pulse command and Over-Current Protection on all outputs.

Houston, TX, August 03, 2016 --( Over-Current Protection on each output makes the IA-3125-U2i a real innovative product with a noticeable impact on both ease of use and expected decreasing failures while using it.

The new IA-3125-U2i, 48-ch Power Digital I/O board has many additional advantages such as Isolated USB port designed to isolate the board from its host PC in order to handle EMI/RFI noise in a better way, operating Pulse outputs, dry contact, built-in Sequencer for better handling short time pulses, simple system expansion handling several controllers while using a single USB PC port and more.

This Power Digital I/O Controller is an ideal Solenoid/Valve/LED controller with short response time and endless life operation cycles in comparison with the electromechanical relay solution.

IA-3125-U2i outputs are capable of handling 0.7Amp each - enough to handle most of the common available loads. Furthermore, its current protected output enables an operation of several outputs per load resulting in the ability to operate much heavier loads if needed.

This module includes a built in Daisy Chain capabilities to enable linking up to 250 modules to be controlled and managed by a single USB interface. Each of said modules can feature relays, digital or analog I/O.

This product is CE certified, FCC compatible, and ROSH compatible

The software support package includes driver, Open Code Examples and immediate operation utilities, while the Virtual COM port drivers make it easy to add it to customer existing program. All Software can be found on company website: under knowledgebase

the IA-3125-U2i joins a variety of feature reach, reliable and cutting edge products developed by Intelligent-Appliance including Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control.
Gale Wenger