PNSQC, Partnered with, Announces PNSQC 2016 in Portland, Oregon

Naples, FL, September 09, 2016 --( PNSQC 2016 Registration is open. PNSQC will be cultivating quality software in Portland, Oregon, October 17-19 for 34 years and counting. Register now. Need more reasons, check out the PNSQC blog post, Sign Up and Save, for some great ideas on what to do while you are in Portland, Oregon!

The At-a-Glance tells it all. The conference kicks off with 2 days of technical presentations. The conference focuses on providing skills to develop leadership and avoid Stupid Metrics Tricks; PNSQC is back with Agile and SQA. Over lunch things will keep buzzing with beekeeping, farming and getting the lead out. It is all about cultivating quality. The invited speakers and technical sessions are all there for preview.

For a deeper drive into relevant software quality topics, the 3rd day consists of full day workshops. Choose one of the workshops and develop a deeper understanding of Software Quality Metrics, People Skills for Leadership, Managing Uncertainty and Risk in Agile Projects, Testing, Security and Lean Business Practices.

Join PNSQC 2016 in Portland, register now!
Samuel Powers