New non-fiction""diet" Book Focuses on Healing and the Power of the Truth

Honolulu, HI, January 23, 2008 --( Wayne Nickens, M.D., has created Eat Me: The Ultimate Diet as a prescription for affecting change in our lives that goes way beyond what we place in our mouths. Dr. Nickens encourages readers to discover the poisonous influences that lie inside our brains and control our urges, drives, desires, attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. He then challenges readers to rise up out of ignorance and embrace the truth that comes from God, allowing the Power of the Spirit of Life to do the healing. Complete healing is the only solution to brain injury.

“Trying to heal yourself can’t work,” Nickens says. “If you haven’t discovered this truth yet, please believe me when I say to you that we don’t have the power to heal ourselves.”

In Eat Me: The Ultimate Diet, Dr. Nickens defines and explains the underlying brain disease that he says is the cause of addictive behaviors that lead to alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual addiction, gambling, codependency, unnecessary risk-taking, violence, anxiety, and depressions. This disease is such that it robs people, he says, of power, purpose, value, and self-control.
Thus we are all encouraged to become a patient: “A patient is one who is submitted to the principles and process of being empowered to be well. Your job is to first seek the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and everything else, including your healing, will be added to your life.” The Truth is not a “secret” and is available to everyone.

ISBN(s): 1432717612 Format(s): 6 x 9 Paperback SRP: US $29.95/CAN $29.95
Genre: Healing

Dr. Wayne Nickens is a medical doctor and practitioner of holistic healing with thirty-five years of practical experience as a family doctor and addiction medicine specialist. Today he engages in a holistic healing ministry. Eat Me: The Ultimate Diet, Nickens says, “is not another idea for sales and marketing of another product, program or religion. It is an invitation to enjoy a healthy way of life in a healing community.”

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