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Five New Games for Fortune Lounge Group

Surfing monkeys, missing poodles, feathered pirates, New Year parties and Mardi Gras mania… it’s time to get playing. The Fortune Lounge Group of online casinos and poker rooms starts 2008 off with a bang, as it gets set to launch five new and progressive games to its already popular offering on 5 February 2008.

Belize City, Belize, January 25, 2008 --( The five new games promise enthralling and superior graphics, endless entertainment and countless opportunities to win big. Each new video slot boasts its own unique features and level of play. Entertaining characters and storylines act as a firm foundation for the impressive play features and winning opportunities. Multiple bonuses and free spins add to the playing excitement and increase the chances of a big win.

Big Break is the latest five reel, 15 pay-line video slot and if you’re up for some sea, sand and surfing, this one’s for you. The only thing is, your surfing buddies are monkeys dude.

As you ride the monster waves, you stand the chance to gain rewards as high as $75 000.00. Lucky Break, Big Break and Munky Wax offer three bodacious ways to win with free spins, multipliers and bonuses all coming your way. If you can wipe the smile off your face from laughing at your monkey pals, take a minute to appreciate the vivid colors and graphics in your tropical paradise. The level of play will keep you spinning and surfing.

The K9 Capers video slot features Fi Fi the Parisienne poodle in a five reel, 30 pay-line game. This game carries chances to gain up to 100 times more than your bet, with features allowing total winnings to be doubled or even quadrupled. With excitement like this, it would be difficult not to try your hand at this game. The game objective is to help Butch, Fi Fi’s male friend, to find the pretty poodle. With the hunt for Fi Fi on the go, the game offers a betting range from as low as 0.01 to 0.20 with a wide pay-line choice. So put your nose to the ground in the search for the fluffy Fi Fi and you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Shinver Me Feathers. Pass the rum. This crazy game will have you and the colorful parrot pirates hunting for the treasure chest. If you manage to find the loot, winnings can be up to $150 000.000. The amusing five reel, 25 pay-line video slot sees Captain Jack Parrot and his crew on the treasure hunt while you experience free spins, substitutes and scatters, bonuses and multipliers. Players of this game will be awed by its stature and the wagering options delivered by the action on screen.

The last two games in this exciting new offering have party themes with the first being Happy New Year and the second, Mardi Gras Fever.

Happy New Year launches in February 2008 to coincide with the Chinese New Year which falls in this month. Traditional Chinese symbols and colours adorn the video slot, celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Rat. Your party won’t be hampered in any way, as this game boasts the smoothest running platform on the internet and some of the most high quality graphics. The three reel, five pay-line game could send some Chinese luck your way with winnings of $60 000.00. The mythological Nian, a much-feared sea monster wards off peril with loud noises, incantations and the color red while you play for your winnings. May your Chinese lantern light the way for your success. Gaò Niàn. Good luck.

Come on down to New Orleans where Mardi Gras Fever is in full swing with this five reel, 20 pay-line spectacular. The superb graphics in this game add to the festive mood of the party along the beautiful streets of New Orleans. Jazz music fills the air while the smell of spicy gumbo seems tangible. Happy people decorated with beads in purple, green and gold wave to the riverboats and parade floats as you try your hand at the various winning opportunities. The joy of Mardi Gras offers a potential return of $10 000.00 with more achievable on bonus spins. Bourbon Street is yours…all you have to do is play.

With such a mammoth selection of exciting games to choose from The Fortune Lounge wishes you the very best in gaming, entertainment and experience.

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