IA-2600 Series: 96-ch Digital I/O Modules Capable of Handling Voltage Range Between 3.3 to 30VDC

Online-Devices announces the new IA-2600 Industrial Digital I/O Module Series by Intelligent-Appliance features 96 Digital lines in the range of 3.3V up to 30VDC, controlled by an isolated USB port or by an Ethernet IP port.

Houston, TX, December 06, 2016 --( IA-2600 is a new Industrial Digital I/O Module Series by Intelligent-Appliance, capable of handling 96 Digital lines in the range of 3.3V up to 30VDC, controlled by an isolated USB port or by an Ethernet IP port, Module’s kind depended.

Intelligent-Appliance IA-2600 Series includes 96-ch Digital Input modules, 96-ch Digital Output modules and 48-ch/48-ch Digital I/O modules.

The IA-2600 Series Digital Input ranges from 3V to 30VDC while the Logic Circuit operational voltage and their pull-up resistors can be easily switched between +3.3V to +5V, using a software command, to best fit the tested equipment.

Software proof manual jumpers are included, in order to select the pull-up source voltage between the internal Logic circuits power supply and the External equipment power source, which can be in the range of GND to a Positive voltage of up to 30VDC.

IA-2600 Series Digital Input Logic may be defined by a software command as an “Active” Logic kind or as s plain “Level” kind.

This IA-2600 Series includes 3 kinds of output stages:

Output Sink current, with an NPN Open Collector output stage, capable of handling a current of up to 300mA per a single channel or up to 90mA per channel while operating all output channels.

An output stage of Open Source, with a PNP Open Collector output stage capable of sourcing a current of up to 50mA per channel, 500ma peak. Those Open Sink and Open Source devices can handle up to 50V at their output stage.

The third output stage is of LVTTL and TTL buffered bidirectional kind, capable of Sinking or Sourcing a current of up to 25mA per channel. These modules can operate at 3.3V or 5V DC Supply Voltage that is being set by a software command and can yield a different output voltage, accordingly.

These modules are mainly used in ATS equipment, in PC/PLC combined systems and in cases where Digital I/O is needed to be operated by USB, Ethernet or Internet, without the need to install cards into PC bus, and handle special dedicated connectors.

The software support package includes Visual Studio DLL, Open Code software examples and software utilities for immediate operation and software commands evaluation.

The new IA-2600 series is joining a long line of feature reach, reliable and cutting edge products developed by Intelligent-Appliance including Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control.
Gale Wenger