Versatile, Transversal, Without Borders: MLS® Laser Therapy by ASAlaser in Veterinary Practice

Increasingly present in international Vet specialists’ clinics, the ASAlaser therapy collects new successes. 4 new cases confirm its full effectiveness.

Vicenza, Italy, September 22, 2016 --( Without geographical and treatment limitations, MLS® Laser Therapy – the therapeutic method in the veterinary field developed by the ASAlaser research staff and scientifically validated through biomedical surveys and clinical studies in internationally relevant facilities, ed. Note – after being adopted by North European vet professionals has increasingly also been used in Veterinary clinics in the USA, South America, Central Europe and Asia. The option of use when treating a large range of pathologies in the dermatological, orthopaedic and therapeutic fields on different animal species has contributed to ensure it is a “transversal” method. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-edemic, analgesic and bio-stimulating properties, MLS® Laser Therapy in fact helps to resolve common problems in pet animals, equine and exotic animals. Its intrinsic characteristics such as non-invasiveness, pain-free, well tolerated, quick to apply and with fast results contribute to ensuring it is a valid therapeutic tool. “In this respect, the time element," confirms Dr Martha Matallana, a Veterinary Doctor specialised in physical therapy and small animal rehabilitation, a chiropractor and DMV at the Salle University in Bogota, "is what most distinguishes the uniqueness of the therapy: not only is the treatment short, but the obtained results are also 'fast.' The animal’s recovery times are thus reduced.” An example of this is given by the cases of Bree, Zeppelin, Violeta and Liebelei: 4 success stories made in USA, Norway, Colombia and Italy.

Around the world with MLS®
From the USA comes the story of the cat Bree which, following post-partum complications, was unable to perform normal physiological functions without external help. To avoid the use of medicines whilst breast-feeding, she is given MLS® Laser Therapy which allows her to be independent after one session only and, at the end of the 6 sessions, to fully recover. As testified by Norwegian physiotherapist Anita Jansen, specialised in the treatment of dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier Zeppelin was able to take part in a Rally-Obedience race and to win Class 3, 6 weeks after an attack by a large dog thanks also to MLS®. Combined with surgery and an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy, the Laser Therapy enabled containing the effects of the inflammation and of the infection subsequent to the bites on the neck, stomach and foot. “As a muscle therapist – points out Heidi Bye Svartangen, a Norwegian specialist in the muscular field, based on her professional experience – I see many muscle tears, broken fibres, sprains and bruises in agility dogs active during the competition season: getting back in shape quickly is very important for them! The ASA laser has literally changed recovery time: those who previously needed 3 months to recover, now halve this time.” A happy ending also for the story from Colombia where Violeta, a 5-year old Golden Retriever, was operated for a rupture to the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee; when given treatment with MLS® Laser Therapy, she experienced a consistent reduction of the oedema already at the end of the first session and a progressive recovery from lameness. Finally, three therapy sessions were undertaken by the horse Liebelei in order to stop a jugular inflammation in its tracks: cured through an MLS® monotherapy by Dr Maria Elena Caleca from Turin, she went back to normal without the use of antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs. “We must never forget," conclude Dr Elena Tognato and Dr Silvia Meggiolaro from the Thermal Physiopet Veterinary Clinic in Montegrotto Terme (Pd), "that MLS® is also very useful during rehabilitation, as it works as a valid preparation for the subsequent manual therapy. For example, acute and chronic inflammations, pain problems to articulations and the spine and oedemas can be managed, thereby speeding up the recovery time.”
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