Asian Movie "Burma Booksellers," a Followup to the Award Winning Film, "BookWars," Gears Up to Shoot in Yangon, Myanmar

The Asian documentary film and photography project "Burma Booksellers," a followup to filmmaker Jason Rosette's award winning New York movie, "BookWars," gears up to shoot in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar.

Yangon, Burma, September 22, 2016 --( A new documentary project by Camerado Media, producer of the award winning New York City streetside literary documentary, "BookWars" ("Terrific" - LA Times; "Superb" - NY Film Critics Circle) is gearing up to shoot in Yangon, Myanmar, with information available at

"BookWars" filmmaker Jason Rosette, who has been working in the ASEAN region of Southeast Asia since 2005, first encountered street and sidewalk booksellers in Yangon while he was working as an employee of the US Embassy, Rangoon American Center.

"Years ago, I worked as a street bookseller in Manhattan to make extra cash after graduating from NYU Film School, which is how my first feature movie, 'BookWars,' came about," Rosette recounts.

"But during my entire time in Southeast Asia, I'd not yet encountered any significant organized literary culture of the street. I'd seen scattered vendors of magazines and books here and there in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, maybe a few in Phnom Penh, but nothing that resembled a substantial literary culture of the street and public forum.

"Lo and behold, when I came to Yangon, where I worked as an EFL instructor with the State Department for a year between 2013-2014 - there they were. street booksellers, clusters of them in what appeared to be a pretty active and robust community, selling used books along Pansodan road and elsewhere in Yangon."

Since "BookWars" was recently invited into the circulating films collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the filmmaker-producer decided to undertake a documentary project about the Yangon booksellers as an international compliment to his earlier New York based project.

With the help of his willing former students in Yangon and several local Myanmar film makers he'd met during his time in the region, the project is now underway. Interested worldwide supporters are invited to join in and support the project on IndieGogo at

"Myanmar continues to develop at rocket speed," says Rosette. "Just last week President Obama met with State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in Washington to announce the lifting of sanctions. It's possible that new and rapid development could sweep the Yangon sidewalk booksellers off the streets.

"We'd encourage anyone interested in literary culture, street culture, or Asian and Myanmar issues come visit our campaign link and support our effort right away - there's not a moment to lose."
Jason Rosette