Introducing Room Collector™ Space Inventory Collection Software for Pocket PC’s Available from INFORMED LLC, Through Select Consultants in the Industry

Introducing Room Collector™ Space Inventory Collection Software for Pocket PC’s Available from INFORMED LLC, Through Select Consultants in the Industry
Thornwood, NY, January 27, 2008 --( Space inventory collection software for Pocket PC’s is now available exclusively from distributors of INFORMED LLC’s products. Compatible with the latest mobile operating systems, the software provides a fast and accurate method of gathering the fundamental building block of any cleaning management software and works seamlessly with INFORMED’s flagship ManageWize Cleaning Management Software™. But, it can be custom configured to gather space inventory data for virtually any application.

The software allows addition of any number of rooms to a facility, and has been field tested to 24 million square feet. Ease-of-use features include automatic, two-way synchronization of facility information, including custom lists such as area types and floor types. For irregular spaces, the software can accept up to four length and width dimensions and then automatically calculate the square footage of the room (or area).

This software is a sister product to INFORMED’s General Property PocketPC Cleanliness Level Inspection Software which has advanced capabilities to perform inspections related to cleanliness levels. Cleanliness level philosophy stipulates that cleaning organizations are successful if they achieve the cleanliness level for which they are staffed, taking into account the critical variable of resources devoted to cleaning. Cleaning Institute Management Standard (CIMS™) certification, which requires formal inspection and workloading based on industry standards, is leading to increased interest in this type of software. Both products are included at no extra charge with INFORMED’s desktop-based cleaning management software. But, they can be purchased separately in conjunction with custom products developed for the client.

INFORMED LLC develops and supports an array of cleaning management software applications for the cleaning industry. Featuring ease-of-use combined with powerful analytical capabilities, this software is used by in-house cleaning departments and contract cleaners to optimize their operations, maintain quality, fairly balance work assignments, track equipment, predict cleaning chemical usage, justify equipment purchases, and discover the cleanliness level attainable with their staffing level. These products are distributed primarily in the healthcare, educational, and government. In business since 1994, the company sells worldwide, primarily through distributors.

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