Highest Performance Rooftop Motorized Ventilator 4.730 CFM at 370 Watts

Invisco Fan Company has just announced the highest performance motorized rooftop ventilator in US history. Based on the patent pending Invisco Tornado gravity rooftop ventilator, the first model offers unprecedented air flow and low input power.

Temecula, CA, November 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Motorized rooftop ventilators made by traditional US sources have been restricted in performance by the need for elaborate rain hats. Greenheck, Loren Cook and Dayton all make excellent ventilators but they are forced to use high horse power motors to shove air up and down or down and up before it can exit their designs.

Invisco has announced a revolutionary new turbine rain hat that is a perfect rain deflector while offering better air flow than before. Called the Tornado, it is made with vertical turbine blades under a flat rain proof top that allow air to flow freely up and out. Since it rotates in the slightest breeze the turbine deflects rain in any wind. Pioneered by Edmonds in Australia, there are installations world wide.

Invisco has added a US Motors electronically commutated (EC) motor and a Multi-Wing high performance blade to force air up and out the Tornado. The result, proven in practice, is a record 4,730 CFM at just 370 watts.

By contrast, here is an example of the specs for the Grainger Dayton products.

The Grainger 4HZ57 is a 30 inch machine running 1 HP and pulling 4,307 CFM.

The Invisco ER4700 is a 20 inch throat running 1/2 HP and pulling 4,730 CFM.

The ER4700 is viewable at invisco's web site. Or call Kurt Shafer for details at 951 296 3611.

The price for the Grainger 4,307 is $1,650 and for the ER4700 is $1,595.

Other differences - The ER4700 is a 20 inch throat. The Dayton is 30. The ER4700 is 370 watts, the Dayton is about 750. The ER4700 has an EC motor with infinitely variable speed that is 0-10 VDC speed controlled to work with all the modern building control systems. The Dayton is one speed - full on.

This is being written on October 31, 2016. People who visit the web site, Invisco dot com and use the contact information to reach Invisco by November 7, 2016 will get a gift certificate worth $500 off of either the rafter mount or rooftop Invisco whole house fan. Please note that Invisco is the only source for a 4,730 CFM rooftop mounted whole house fan.
Kurt Shafer