Volunteers Transport Max to Michigan volunteers transported rescue Max from Oxford, NC to his new foster home in Midland, MI before his shelter ran out of room for him.

Midland, MI, November 06, 2016 --( This past week, volunteers transported Max, a rescue dog, from Oxford, NC to his new foster home in Midland, MI.

Max’s previous owner dropped him off at a local shelter in Oxford, NC with severe medical issues. He constantly looked for attention and was only comfortable on concrete, as if that’s all he knew. The shelter attended to his medical issues, but had many dogs, so Max wasn’t given much time left. With only 72 hours left at the shelter, volunteers rushed to find him a place to go. In the last hour, Pointer Rescue Organization saved him.

Volunteers described Max as a sweet and lovable dog. He struggled to adjust to new people at first, but now loves the attention. After the two-day, almost 800-mile trip, Max arrived safely to his new foster home in Michigan. would like to thank Pointer Rescue Organization and the volunteers for saving this amazing dog’s life.

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Maddie Fiello