Pewaukee Organization and Airline Employees Working to Save Animals, the software platform for animal rescue, has once again revolutionized animal rescue transport to now include airline employees. Airline employees can fly for free and now they can use their benefits to save animals in need. Airline employees can create a free profile at... - January 21, 2018

Pewaukee Organization Helping Hurricane Survivors Reunite with Their Pets, a local Pewaukee animal rescue transport organization, is working with 17 other national organizations to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma reunite with their pets. - September 23, 2017

A Team of Animal Rescue Organizations Work Together on a Rescue Flight

Doobert Elite, and PetMatch Rescue of Pennsylvania are teaming up to transport five dogs. A few weeks ago did a rescue flight where one of the dogs, Freda, missed the flight. They are now headed back to get Freda and four of her friends. Thanks to the organizations involved to... - August 30, 2017

Dog Dumped as a Stray Rescued by Local Couple

This past week Doobert volunteers transported Brandie, a rescue dog, from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Hillside, Illinois. Brandie was found as a stray in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She looked as if she had been on her own for awhile before a local couple found her on the streets. Unfortunately they could not... - May 25, 2017

Volunteers Save Dogs from Dangerous Streets of Serbia

A local rescue and dedicated volunteers transport two dogs over 1,400 miles from Danvers, Massachusetts to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thelma and Ben came from the streets of Serbia where many dogs are poisoned, abused, tortured andoften treated as vermin. The rescue they were put into takes dogs off... - April 29, 2017

Volunteers Save Dog from Dog Fighting to Healing

A local rescue organization and Doobert volunteers transported a dog from Lavonia, Georgia to a more permanent home in McDonough, Georgia. Gabbie was seized from her owners and taken to NE Georgia Animal Shelter in Lavonia, Georgia. They immediately rushed her to the vet finding out she was bred... - April 26, 2017

Volunteers Transport Two Puppies to Ellijay, Georgia

A local rescue organization and Doobert volunteers transported two puppies, Gully and Dani, to their new homes in Ellijay, Georgia. - April 07, 2017

Volunteers Transport English Setter to Her Forever Home

A local rescue organization and Doobert volunteers transported an English Setter, Nahla to her forever home in Charlotte, North Carolina. - April 07, 2017

Volunteers Transport Memphis Stray to Ohio

A local Tennessee rescue transports a stray to a new rescue in Akron, Ohio using the Doobert software. - January 27, 2017

Two Dogs, a Private Jet, Doobert and a Celebrity

Two dogs were transported by Pilots to the Rescue using and a private jet. They were transported from Teterboro, NJ to Nova Scotia, Canada. - January 21, 2017

Puppy Bowl Dog "Doobert" Saved by

On February 5th, Animal Planet will be airing its annual Puppy Bowl with a special twist. This year players will include special-needs dogs incluing “Doobert” the dog, who was transported to his forever home using the unique rescue platform. This past August, volunteers... - January 15, 2017

Sadie Goes from the Lone Star State to the Sunflower State volunteers transported one rescue dog from Junction, TX to her forever home in Topeka, KS this past week. After being picked up off the streets, Sadie ended up in her local city shelter. Now, Sadie had to find her way from Texas to Kansas. After posting on Facebook for volunteers, they came across the transport group, R.A.C.E. The shelter contacted R.A.C.E and they took it from there. Within just one week there was a plan was set to take Sadie all the way to meet her new Mom. - January 12, 2017

A Wisconsin-Based Animal Rescue System Arises in Media Nationwide

Recently, media across the nation featured an innovative animal rescue transport system based out of Pewaukee, WI. WNEM of Midland, WI and The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, VA both recently featured volunteers from in news stories. volunteers are dedicated to... - November 20, 2016

Doobert Volunteers a Rescue Plott Hound Over 750 Miles

One volunteer transported a three-year-old rescue dog from Jefferson, GA to his new foster home in Labadie, MO. - November 20, 2016

One Doobert Volunteer Transports Rescue Dog Over 600 Miles

One volunteer transported a three-year-old rescue dog from Jefferson, GA to his new foster home in Labadie, MO. - November 15, 2016 Volunteers Transport Max to Michigan volunteers transported rescue Max from Oxford, NC to his new foster home in Midland, MI before his shelter ran out of room for him. - November 06, 2016 Launches New Feedback System created the first animal rescue relay transport feedback system to improve the process of rescue animal transports. - November 02, 2016

Bosnian Strays Find Sanctuary in the US volunteers transported two former Bosnian stray dogs from Boston, MA to their new foster home in Hampton, VA. - October 27, 2016 Volunteer Transports Two Rescues Cross-Country

A volunteer drove two rescue dogs on a four-day, cross-country trip to their new rescue, Doggone Happy Animal Rescue. - October 23, 2016

Volunteers Transport Beagle Puppy Without a Name volunteers transport a nameless beagle puppy to ARF German Shepherd Rescue in Poynette, WI. Facebook users can submit their name ideas. - October 09, 2016

Pilots to the Rescue and Create a Partnership to Save More Animals

Pilots to the Rescue and partner up to save more animals. Users can now sign up to Pilots to the Rescue transportations via - October 09, 2016 and Rescue Transport USA Volunteers Drive Rescue Over 850 Miles and Rescue Transport USA volunteers transported Loretta the dog over 850 miles to save her from euthanization. - September 22, 2016

Four Kittens Transported Over 500 Miles

Rescue Transport USA and volunteers transported four kittens over 500 miles to a new rescue in Ashville, Ohio. - September 07, 2016

Volunteers Transport Deaf Puppy Over 1,000 Miles

A deaf puppy named Doobert, after the software, was transported to a foster in Virginia with the help of volunteers. - August 27, 2016 and Liberty Transport USA Team Up to Transport Three Dogs

This past week, volunteers came together using the software to transport three dogs from Dallas, TX to Denver Dachshunds Rescue in Colorado Springs, CO. These unique and friendly dogs need new homes so they can finally receive the love they deserve. In the meantime, Denver Dachshunds... - August 25, 2016

Doobert Volunteers Transport Future Service Dog to New Four-Year-Old Owner

This past week, volunteers drove a future service dog, Snoopy, to her new home in Pe Ell, Washington to help her new owner, four-year-old David. Snoopy was one of two puppies to survive her six puppy litter at Bubba’s Rescue in Waldron, Arkansas. Volunteers at Bubba’s Rescue then... - July 30, 2016

Volunteers Use to Transport Dog from Florida to California

On July 16, volunteers transported rescue dog Jade from Florida to California to save her from death row. - July 26, 2016

3 Abandoned Puppies Rescued by Volunteers and Transported to Delaware

On Saturday, July 9th, three puppies starving in an abandoned house in Northampton County, NC were transported to safety in Middletown, DE by volunteers. Northampton County Animal Control found the emaciated puppies in an abandoned house. The past owners of the house received warrants... - July 19, 2016 and Rescue Transport USA Team Up to Save a Labrador Retriever

On Wednesday, June 6th, volunteers came together using the software to transport a 2-year-old dog to safety in a rescue in Macon, GA. The owners of Biscuit, a black Labrador retriever, surrendered her and her litter of puppies to Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter in Lavonia, GA. Due to... - July 18, 2016

Five Chihuahua Puppies Transported 1,082 Miles by Doobert Volunteers and Animal Rescue Flights teamed up for a cross-country transport of five puppies to their new home. - July 08, 2016

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