World's First High Performance Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator Offers Free Gravity Air Flow Plus 6,320 CFM or More When Powered

Invisco Hybrid Turbine Rooftop Ventilator is the first hybrid rooftop to be built in the United States. Like the CSR Edmonds ecoPOWER, it is available in sizes up to a 36 inch throat. But unlike the ecoPOWER, Invisco uses a powerful EC motor and an 8 bladed propeller to force 6,320 CFM up in just 20 inches of throat and at a record low 505 watts. Throat sizes up to 36 inches are available with higher CFM.

Temecula, CA, November 23, 2016 --( Until recently building engineers have been forced to choose between low performance gravity ventilators and high energy cost motorized ventilators. Traditional gravity ventilators like those from Greenheck and LorenCook stop rain with a large hat that forces air to go down before it can go out. Traditional motorized ventilators have similar air flow reducing rain hats.

In the early 2000s Edmonds in Australia brought out the first high performance turbine rain hat, their Hurricane. It offers superior air flow and excellent rain shielding because air flows up and out through the turbine blades with little resistance. The blades are what keep rain out when it is windy. And wind helps the Hurricane to increase air flow.

Not long after Edmonds introduced the Hurricane, their engineers looked into adding a motor to it. They consulted with EBM Pabst and got a modern high performance EC motor with zero magnetic force on the rotor - perfect as a pivot for the Hurricane for gravity ventilation. The result is their ecoPOWER hybrid rooftop ventilator, the first in history.

The Edmonds products are used all over the world. One of the most effective uses of the ecoPOWER is the design of new engineering buildings by the University of Washington in Seattle. Affiliated Engineers Incorporated and ZGF Architects specified 8 of the 36 inch diameter throat EP900s to eliminate air conditioning in 40% of the building's 4 stories of offices and labs.

This enabled the designers to achieve LEED GOLD for their design. The EP900s that were used were built in Australia and shipped to Seattle at significant expense. Invisco has now started production in Southern California on a line of hybrid rooftop ventilators that offer superior performance at a significant savings.

The Invisco Hybrid Tornado offers designers the same high performance gravity ventilation as the Edmonds ecoPOWER but has significantly higher motorized performance that is produced by using a 1/2 HP US Motors EC motor with a powerful 8 bladed propeller by MultiWing in Ohio. This combination results in air flow of 6,320 CFM at 505 watts in just 20 inches diameter.

By comparison, the EP900 used on the University's Molecular Engineering building offer maximum gravity air flow but only 5,885 CFM when powered. Invisco's design can be obtained with the same high gravity air flow in a 36 inch throat and can be made with the proven 20 inch 6,320 CFM fan OR with a larger blade for even more air flow.

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Kurt Shafer