SimplePF Joins In Focus Brands' Network for Launch Development

The SimplePF app combines your finances and technology. The app pulls your bank data, automatically creates journal entries for the transactions, and maintains your personal income statement and balance sheet.

Los Angeles, CA, December 02, 2016 --( SimplePF, the brainchild of SpaceX alum Jared McCluskey, is the latest technology startup to join the In Focus Brands’ Network. The app is an automated, personal, double-entry bookkeeping platform designed to empower your decisions with a true financial snapshot using industry-standard accounting.

After achieving proof of concept, SimplePF tapped In Focus Brands for strategic and tactical guidance in creating a viable market launch and team. Using their unique execution model, In Focus Brands brings branded vision and deployable, operational expertise to the existing structure of SimplePF to accelerate process, recruitment, market insertion and incentivized staffing models and funding.

Jill Daye, Operations Director of In Focus Brands, explains: “A large proportion of the target market has multiple accounts and financial relationships, it is the world we live in. We at SimplePF understand the need to simplify the complexities of tracking personal finances. The headaches of multiple accounts to service and review and the multitude of online capital platforms to monitor only make this service more timely and valuable. We are excited to continue our work with Jared and the growing SimplePF Team.”

Jared McCluskey, CEO of SimplePF adds: “I chose to partner with In Focus Brands because of their proven track record in launching, scaling and exiting numerous companies. We see eye-to-eye with the vision of building a strong company culture - a place where people love to be, all while focusing our efforts towards the gigantic goal of helping people empower their own financial life. Together, we plan to tackle the huge gap in the marketplace between what financial advisory is and what it should be, regarding technology, transparency, and efficiency.”

Up next for the SimplePF Team is a national recruiting campaign to source sales and marketing leaders, and to continue to engineer its accounting platform. Have experience in sales or app development and interested in joining the SimplePF Team? Email: or

The result? Leave 99% of your personal finance dirty work to us and keep your personal finances simple.
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