Year-End Sale on Handheld LCR- and ESR-Meters Including LCR-Reader, from Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg Systems Inc. is hosting a year end sale for LCR-Reader and other tweezer-based multimeters and accessories.

Waterloo, Canada, December 23, 2016 --( Siborg is holding a sale in their online store and Amazon sales channels in the US, Canada and Europe to celebrate the holiday season. This sale will include LCR-Reader, Smart Tweezers and other devices and kits available starting December 26th at 12:00AM until December 31st at 11:59 PM.

Siborg's most well known products are the handheld LCR- and ESR-meters LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers. These devices simplify testing and troubleshooting surface mount technology by integrating a set of tweezers with a lightweight, yet powerful, LCR-meter. When the gold-plated tweezers have a grasp on a component, it will automatically determine the best test range before measuring with high accuracy. All measurement values, including any secondary values are instantly available on the OLED display.

LCR-Reader is the leading choice in handheld devices from Siborg. This 1 oz. device offers users a lower-cost alternative to other tweezer-based meters while still offering a high basic accuracy of 0.5% and fast measurements. Over the past year, Siborg worked with partners in creating a new calibration fixture for the LCR-Reader [] which, once it was verified, allowed issuing of NIST traceable calibration certificates. This was a relief to many professionals who wanted the device but require their equipment to be calibrated annually.

LCR-Reader features:
-Manual and automatic L, C, R and ESR measurements
-Basic accuracy of 0.5%
-Automatic measurement range and mode selection
-Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and micro-USB charging
-1 oz. weight
-NIST traceable calibration

The Smart Tweezers ( devices have led the way for handheld multimeters since their introduction in the early 2000's; these devices offer extensive menus and features. An essential tool for production lines, the ability to set many parameters for measurements have made the Smart Tweezers name synonymous with high accuracy LCR- and ESR-meters. This device uses a 0.2% basic accuracy while testing and is controlled using a 4-way joystick navigation. In late 2016, Siborg released a Bluetooth enabled model of Smart Tweezers that allows users to remotely record their measurement values using dedicated apps or programs such as National Instruments' LabView. This data can either be saved in a database or file for later processing and is an invaluable tool where quality control is required.

Other features on Smart Tweezers include:
-Manual and Automatic LCR, ESR and Z test modes
-0.2% basic accuracy
-Automatic best test range selection
-Adjustable test signal levels
-Short and diode testing
-Offset subtraction capabilities
-4-way navigation with extensive menus and measurement customization
-Li-Ion battery
-1 oz. weight
-NIST traceable calibration

Over the past two years, Siborg has begun offering more and more hardware for testing SMD. They have completely relaunched their online store as well as expanded into the global markets using Amazon sales channels in Canada, USA and Europe. Available on their store are task kits: bundled devices (LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers) with accessories (spare probes, extra batteries, etc) that offer customers a discount compared to buying each part separately. Their newest offers are the LCR-Reader Pro Plus and Smart Tweezers Plus: these kits include an LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers device, spare bent probes, extra battery and Kelvin Probe Station.

Devices available in the LCR-Reader Store include:
-Kelvin Probe Station: this extension kit comes with a shielded two-wire connector and 5 different attachments (medium and short pin-probes, spade connector, alligator clips, multimeter jacks) that allow the devices to measure components that otherwise would not fit between the tweezers' tips.
-LED Test Tweezers with adjustable current ratings and 12 VDC output. Also included is a multimeter connector cable that allows tweezer-probe functionality and can test shorts, fuses, wires, etc.
-SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers offers a low-cost alternative to tweezer-meters by adding tweezer-probe functionality to any multimeter; best for measurements that do not require high accuracy.

Visit the LCR-Reader Store on December 26th for discounted pricing on all devices including LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers in the LCR-Reader Store ( and through Siborg's Amazon sales channels.

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