Award Winning Multimeter Showing at Upcoming Trade Shows in Canada and USA

The LCR-Reader family of multimeters will be showing at three trade shows this spring: EDS Summit in Las Vegas, NV, DMEMS in San Diego, CA and 12TMC in Ottawa, Canada. - April 15, 2022

LCR-Reader-MPA All-in-One Multimeter Wins Bronze Spot for Product of the Year 2020

Siborg's LCR-Reader-MPA multi tester wins bronze prize for Product of the Year presented by Plant Engineering; multimeter offers record high basic accuracy and unrivalled testing capabilities - May 30, 2021

Versatile Multitester LCR-Reader-MPA is One of the Prize Winners for Product of the Year as Decided by Plant Engineering Subscribers

LCR-Reader-MPA do-it-all multimeter from Siborg Systems Inc. has been chosen as one of the winners of Product of the Year. - February 18, 2021

All-in-One Multimeter in Finals for Product of the Year

LCR-Reader-MPA is a finalist for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year; Digital multimeters offer high basic accuracy and no set-up between measurements. - January 23, 2021

Fall Sale on Multi Testers, Including New Bluetooth Data Acquisition Tool

Siborg Systems Inc. is offering a discount on their test equipment, including the line of LCR-Reader multimeters and new Bluetooth enabled model. - October 09, 2020

Affordable Bluetooth Data Acquisition Tool with Pass/Fail Feature for SMT

New all-in-one multi tester offers remote measurement recording in real time, automatic pass/fail for components. - October 09, 2020

Powerful All-in-One Multitester Will Soon Have Bluetooth Capabilities to Remotely Record Measurement Values in Real-Time

LCR-Reader-MPA already offers users a high basic accuracy and a wide range of features; soon the device will able to send and receive measurement data over the air. - January 25, 2020

LCR-Reader-MPA Gets NIST Traceable Calibration Certificates

Siborg Systems Inc. has begun offering traceable calibration certificates for LCR-Reader-MPA; to be included in new Professional task kit that consists of high accuracy multimeter and accessories. - January 23, 2020

Siborg Hosting Beginning of Summer Holidays Sale on Tweezer-Based Multimeters

LCR-Reader, LCR-Reader-MP and other SMT testing tool are on sale in the LCR-Reader Store until July 6th, 2018. - July 01, 2018

Siborg Meets with Manufacturers in Shenzhen, China; Creates Local Sales Office

The director of Siborg Systems Inc. recently visited China to meet with new manufacturers and create a sales office for all of Southeast Asia. - June 07, 2018

Siborg Systems Inc Featured in Manufacturing Today; LCR-Reader Devices on Sale

Siborg's director outlines the future of LCR-Reader including a new model and refocusing on their software division. - May 31, 2018

New Complete PCB Debugging Tool with High Accuracy and Wide Range of Test Modes: LCR-Reader-MP

Siborg Systems Inc. has released their newest model of LCR-Reader, the MP which features 0.1% Basic Accuracy, wide range of features and traceable NIST calibration. - February 06, 2018

Year-End Sale on Handheld LCR- and ESR-Meters Including LCR-Reader, from Siborg Systems Inc.

Siborg Systems Inc. is hosting a year end sale for LCR-Reader and other tweezer-based multimeters and accessories. - December 23, 2016

All LCR and ESR Meters and Test Tweezers on Sale Until September 30, 2016 from Siborg

Siborg is offering a discount on all of their LCR and ESR meters and Test Tweezers devices on their online store and Amazon sales channles. - September 25, 2016

New LCR-Reader Task Kit: LCR-Reader Professional with Pre-Calibrated Device and Accessories

Siborg Systems Inc. has begun offering a new task kit in the LCR-Reader Store that will be on sale until the end of June. - June 19, 2016

Siborg Systems Inc.’s Smart Tweezers LCR-Reader: A Simpler Way to Test and Troubleshoot Surface Mount Technology and PCBs with Just a Touch

Siborg Systems Inc.’s Smart Tweezers LCR-Reader: A Simpler Way to Test and Troubleshoot Surface Mount Technology and PCBs with Just a Touch

LCR-Reader is the budget model in the Smart Tweezers’ LCR-meters line; fully automatic, handheld, digital LCR-meters as an alternative to conventional testers. - August 19, 2014

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