SageWorks Replaces F5 Big-IP with KEMP LoadMasters and Sees 24% Improvement in Web Traffic Speed and Responsiveness

Financial information company sees major improvement after switching from F5 to KEMP.

New York, NY, January 19, 2017 --( Heavily relied on by major financial industry organizations, including one fifth of the USA’s banks, the SageWorks data center serves up results for nearly four million requests a day. The Software as a Service (SaaS) company needs its systems to remain responsive and available without fail, making load balancing technology for their very active on-premises data center critical.

However, the company was experiencing support challenges with its incumbent F5 Big-IP Application Delivery Controller (ADC), and the product’s user interface was complex and difficult to navigate. To successfully meet the needs of their customers, SageWorks found a solution by replacing F5 Big IP with KEMP LoadMasters.

“I had experience load balancing Exchange and SharePoint environments using KEMP solutions with great success,” said Tom Hearn, SageWorks’ Senior Technology Manager. “In fact, the KEMP support experience was the best I’ve ever had. The product knowledge of the team is phenomenal and their user interface is significantly easier to follow than F5.”

While the original Virtual LoadMaster implementation for the test/dev environment was completed in 45 minutes, two additional physical LoadMaster units for the data center’s active / passive clusters were deployed in just three hours.

The main benefits included a significantly easier to use GUI, improved security, and a higher quality of service. Features including SNIB certificates and SSL offloading reduced overall maintenance time, which has reduced patching time for the new devices to about 20 minutes for both devices, which is six times faster than before.
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