CloudCherry Now Offers Text-Based Customer Sentiment Analysis; Uses IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure ML

Pleasanton, CA, January 22, 2017 --( Real-time and Omni-channel Customer Experience Management platform CloudCherry uses IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure to improve the accuracy and contextual relevance of its own Text Analytics platform.

Although more and more Businesses are turning to text analytics as a means to analyse customer sentiment, it remains a tricky topic as it involves ambiguous aspects such as culture, context, speaker, temperament and so on. Accuracy of analysis has therefore been one of the main roadblocks in the implementation of Text Analytics.

CloudCherry is taking the step forward to make text analytics more reliable, accessible and adaptive. Consumer-facing Brands can now choose from any of the 3 leading text analytics solutions from CloudCherry’s Customer Experience dashboard – IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure or CloudCherry’s own proprietary solution – in order to analyse customer comments and decode the sentiment behind it.

With both Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and CloudCherry’s own proprietary platform, companies can analyse customer sentiment - and classify it into positive, negative, neutral and so on - as well as bucket comments into themes – staff, ambience, customer service and many more. In addition, Microsoft Azure also supports auto-detection of languages with native language analytics for en (English), es (Spanish), fr (French), pt (Portuguese). IBM Watson supports English Language analytics.

Given the highly context-based nature of text analytics, achieving a 100% accuracy on a tool is near impossible, unless it is done manually by humans. That said, a near 80% accuracy can be achieved using Microsoft Azure as well as CloudCherry’s own proprietary platform.

As a result of this collaboration, businesses have the option to choose the text analytics solution that is most suited to their needs, based on various contextual aspects like language, industry, cultural sensitivities, and so on.

“The need for brands to understand and analyse customer sentiment using text analytics is quite unprecedented. With more customers commenting about their experience in detail via free-text comment boxes and also turning to social media to engage with brands, there's a ton of valuable insights that businesses can extract to shape customer experience. And by using IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure on our Text Analytics platform, brands can make the most of these conversations, and obtain a highly comprehensive and accurate understanding of customer sentiment and behaviour,” said Vinod Muthukrishnan, Co-founder & CEO, CloudCherry.

“Text analytics looks at rich customer information that flows in from unstructured feedback sources like free-text comments, social media posts, email, chat transcripts and internal data sources. We leverage the power of machine learning to discover trending topics of interest at each stage of the customer journey, enabling organizations to take action proactively,” added Arvi Krishnaswamy, VP – Products, CloudCherry.

About CloudCherry
CloudCherry is the definitive real-time, omni-channel, end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform that helps customer-facing brands track, measure, improve & deliver Customer Delight – thereby increasing Profitability and Customer Loyalty.

CloudCherry Customer Experience Management SaaS platform is used globally by leading brands to track, measure and improve Customer Delight. Through our omni-channel surveys and real-time platform, brands see increased response rates, close the loop and action feedback in a timely manner, capture key metrics like NPS, Delight Scores and Sentiment Analysis across the customer journey, derive actionable Insights and see increased retention by understanding customers better.

CloudCherry is a product of Customer Analytics Technologies Inc. based in Pleasanton, CA and has a global presence with offices in Singapore, Bengaluru & Chennai. The company is backed by Vertex Ventures, IDG Ventures India, CISCO Investments, The Chennai Angels & Capillary Technologies.

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