Despite Increasingly Difficult Jobs, Market Research Professionals Expect More Time to Conduct Analyses in 2008 — and Higher Salaries

Easing the workload, market research professionals expect to hire more staff in 2008.

Stamford, CT, February 04, 2008 --( A recent survey conducted by MarketResearchCareers reveals that two-thirds of all market research professionals continue to expect their job will be more difficult in 2008—driven primarily by tighter client budgets.

Despite economic concerns, the 2008 edition of MarketResearchCareers' Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals reveals that half of all market research professionals expect to hire additional personnel in 2008. With the typical researcher planning to hire two professionals, more researchers believe they will have additional time to analyze data, author reports, and make recommendations. Positions expected to be in the greatest demand during the coming year include: Entry Level Market Researchers, Project Directors/Managers, and Research Directors/Managers.

From a compensation perspective, market research professionals expect an average raise of 4.0%. While nearly one in five researchers believe they will receive no raise in 2008, raises range from 1.7% to 9.3%—depending upon job title, years of experience, and employer.

Top 10 Most Popular Job Titles and Average 2008 Salary*

>Research Analyst: $51,314

>Project Director: $60,878

>Senior Research Analyst: $67,875

>Senior Project Director: $71,423

>Account Executive/Manager: $73,366

>Research Manager/Director: $83,054

>Senior Account Executive/Manager: $93,833

>Senior Research Manager/Director: $104,037

>Vice President: $123,438

>Senior Vice President: $126,328

* Refer to the 2008 Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals for detailed 2008 compensation statistics (salary, bonus and raise) by title, years of experience, and industry role.

Like annual salaries, average annual bonuses range from $500 to nearly $58,000 depending upon position, years of experience, and whether the professional works for a market research supplier or in a corporate research department.

“The study reveals that market research professionals are working harder than ever given declining survey cooperation rates and increasing client pressures,” said Mike Carroll, Director at MarketResearchCareers. “The 2008 Annual Survey of Market Research Professionals is among the largest studies conducted directly with market research professionals and addresses many important industry topics including: compensation, staffing, offshoring, supplier satisfaction, and online market research,” said Carroll.

The research was conducted between January 9 and January 23, 2008 with 703 market research professionals (both suppliers and buyers across all industries) completing an online survey. The survey completion rate was 74.0% and the aggregate data have a tolerance of +/- 3.7%.

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