Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter Hits Amazon

An exciting, action packed new book series has hit, following a rag-tag group of demon hunters send by alien gods. The book is the first in a major series from independant Koriander.

London, KY, February 02, 2017 --( Ki-Chan: Demon Hunter is a new series of books, merchandise and comics from independent publisher Koriander. The first book in the series is a 2016 NaNoWriMo winner.

Deep in the growing suburb of Chichibu lives eighteen year old Kiana Chan (Ki-Chan) an American born orphan, living in Japan, who has a supernatural energy and a dark past. After watching her parents being murdered by demons, this yellow-capped kid suffers from PTSD, aggravating her budding super powers.

But after she comes across a rag-tag group of college kids from Illinois who also have super powers, Ki-Chan finds herself in the fight of her life. She discovers that their meeting was more than fated to be, as they are actually the reincarnation of a race of warriors sent by the Gods to fight demons and restore order to Earth.

Alien Gods? Demons? Sprinkle on top first love, college entrance exams and a heavy speech impediment, and you have the recipe for chaos.

The series is part of an ambitious move by Koriander, a publishing company helmed by Koriander Bullard, independent author and cartoonist.

You can read about Ki-Chan and her gang in the first of the action packed light novel series on for paperback and Kindle.
Koriander Bullard